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If you value the quality of your mental health and want a happier life, please make the time to try this simple exercise: Over the next couple days monitor your thoughts and try to get an idea of how many negative thoughts pass through your mind each day; watch closely, because some last only a second or two, and usually occur with higher frequency. Also watch how one negative thought often leads to another, feeding upon each other. This is how Thought Attacks and low moods are ultimately created.

Few of us realize that the time it takes for our feelings to react to a negative thought is instant – the same amount of time it takes to see light after we flip the switch. Therefore, every negative thought alters the way we feel – if we allow enough negative thoughts to accumulate they often result in a low mood. The low mood affects our creative ability, our relationships, work performance and so on.

Where do these negative thoughts come from? We don’t really know. Our thinking, like our heartbeat and breathing are functions of being alive. However, we do know that the frequency of negative thoughts directly correlates with lower levels of psychological functioning and unhappiness. The more negative thoughts we have the more susceptible we are to the vast array of human emotional distress conditions like insecurity, anger, anxiety, depression and so on.

Further, what human emotional distress can even exist without negative thoughts; we can’t be insecure without insecure thoughts, angry without angry thoughts, stressed without stressful thoughts, or depressed without chronic negative thoughts. Therefore, if we are able to understand how we think and learn the knowledge and skills Thinkiatry’s Self-Therapy Principles and Process teach us to manage and virtually eliminate negative thinking – we can prevent a significant amount or all of the emotional distress in our lives.

Think about it, what if Thinkiatry’s Principles and Process can help you eliminate 50%, 70%, 90%, or even more of your negative thoughts causing emotional distress and unhappiness in your life, your relationships, and your work. How would the quality of your life and relationships change?

In closing, the cost for learning the self-therapy knowledge and skills to eliminate negative thoughts that you will use many times each day to achieve healthier psychological functioning and happiness is $20 per live class time’s 12 classes for course completion. You can choose to complete the Thinkiatry Certification course in a month, one class each month for a year or any schedule in between. If you are not satisfied that the value of your first class exceeds the price – your $20 investment will be cheerfully and promptly refunded.

Seriously, how many times will you spend $20 this year and not even know where it went? The knowledge and skills you will learn, you will never forget, and will last your lifetime.

Go to click the Green Schedule Now button to view the twelve class subjects, dates, and times. Start anytime you are ready, become a Thinkiatrist and change the emotional landscape of your life for the better forever. Email or call with questions or 1-800-409-4979.

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John L. O’Brien was born in Lafayette, Indiana where his parents attended Purdue University, but he calls South Bend, Indiana home. He was an Irish kid growing up in a Jewish neighborhood within blocks of the University of Notre Dame. He has been married for more than twenty- eight years. He has four children and four grandchildren.

The only thing John has ever won in his life was the number five (5) pick for the Viet Nam draft lottery in 1969.

He earned his B.A.; M.A.; and Ph.D. in Business and Human Resource related studies. John has studied human emotions and psychological functioning for more than three decades, searching for a path to achieve lasting happiness and contentment in life. He has founded an entirely new field of study to achieve and continually refine each individual’s path to Healthy Psychological Functioning called Thinkiatry™. Studying Thinkiatry to become a Thinkiatrist™ has the potential to help millions of people alter their lives for the better, forever.

Always Watch What You Think!
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