How do you stay out of trouble? How do you keep your brain healthy and strong? How do you boost your chances of accomplishing your goals in life?

You stay out of trouble, strengthen your brain and give yourself a great shot at success by always using your process of thinking to its fullest potential. One thing you can do is read between the lines. Whenever you engage in a conversation with others or read something, look for an underlying message in what was said. Ask yourself if sarcasm or insincerity is being used. Try to make an analysis of everything you read, hear and watch.

It is very important for you to always stimulate your brain. Rearrange the silverware in your kitchen drawer. Brush your teeth with your eyes closed. Work on puzzles,
card games and board games when you have the chance.

You can also stimulate your brain by developing good computer skills for various software applications. You can acquire the skills to master a lot of software applications by checking out books at libraries or going to a bookstore. A lot of computer applications provide online help and tutorials. You can also learn these applications through a lot of practice.

My biggest dream is to become a graphic designer or graphic artist. I am personally training myself for this profession by personally creating flyers and newsletters with the materials that I find. I am stimulating my brain by engaging in this endeavor.

Always think before you act and control your anger. Please keep in mind that you can always get caught doing something wrong or illegal. If someone calls you a name or says something you do not like, ask yourself, “Is it worth it to go to the penitentiary or the cemetery for punching this person?” Committing evil will not actually make you feel good and you will not have peace of mind. It is not fun to go through life dealing with a sense of guilt.

To help your mind, laugh at things that are funny and harmless. Do not let little things bother you. Forgiveness is also crucial for health and peace of mind.

Take a nap that lasts at least ten minutes in the afternoon almost every day. Naps reduce stress, energize you, help you think better and make you more productive.

To get ahead in life, you also need to think critically. If you are a student, you must read and study your notes and the topics in your textbooks backwards and at various angles to prevent being caught off guard with tricky questions on your exams. You also must spend time putting everything you learn into your own perspective.

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