Think …on purpose

Have you heard the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”? The story is about a ruler who cares more about clothing than anything else. He hires two swindlers who promise to provide a bespoke suit of clothing like no other. They tell the Emperor they posses a very special cloth. This special cloth would appear invisible to those who are un-savvy and stupid. When these hucksters present this special cloth to the emperor, He cannot see it, but for fear of appearing stupid and un-savvy, he claims that he does. Likewise, all of those in the Emperors Company do the same. Not many days after, the charlatans tell the Emperor they have tailored his suit and it is now ready to wear. They feign dressing him and they along with all of those present tell the Emperor how good the suit looks on him. The Emperor then goes on a procession through the capital showing off his new "clothes". However, during the course of the procession, a child cries out, "The emperor is naked!" At that point, everyone realizes the child is telling the truth.

This is what can be referred to as social hypnosis. It is buying into a lie. It is pretending that something is real when in fact it is not. Sadly, it goes on every day in our society. Millions of people are buying into it. No, they are not parading around in invisible clothing. They are living lives that are facades. They are caught up in the social hypnosis that life is about the accumulation of things. So they buy bigger televisions, bigger cars, and bigger houses in an attempt to really live. They work jobs that they don’t really like; they live a repetitive grind day in and day out for forty years or more until they retire. They come home every evening and plop down on the sofa and grab the remote control. Boy, this is really living! Isn’t it?

They go nowhere in life. They accomplish nothing of significance. They live shallow empty lives. So, they live vicariously through the lives of celebrities. Have you ever noticed how many celebrity magazines are at the checkout stand of your local grocer? Have you seen how many celebrity stories are in the news every day? Have you noticed how many T.V. programs are geared to keep people up-to-date on the latest Hollywood gossip? Did you see all the coverage of the Michael Jackson funeral? This is social hypnosis at its best.

The purpose of the social hypnosis is to get you buy into the lie that your life is meaningless. Social hypnosis wants to keep you tied up with buying things and pursuing things—things that decay and provide no lasting joy. Social hypnosis wants you to believe that your life is boring and the only way you can get any satisfaction from your existence is by pursing mindless and thoughtless activities. Millions have bought into this. Why? Because they don’t think. They let the TV, the magazines; the media do their thinking for them. And, because they do not think, they allow their minds to ramble and wander anywhere and everywhere. Because coming face to face with the truth of their empty existence would force them to do something everyone else will think is weird. They would have to admit their life has no purpose! They would have to admit that pursuing the bigger house, car and flat screen left them feeling empty and unfulfilled. They would have to admit they live without any real purpose.
Each of us was designed by God on purpose and for purpose. God did not intend for only a few to live lives of significance. His design is that we all live lives of significance. We were all created with a divine sense of purpose and success within us. It is part of our divine DNA that God breathed into man in the beginning. When you played as a child your race car always won. Your army man, though seriously outnumbered, would defeat all of his enemies. You always finished first! Where does that come from? It comes from that divine image that we are all created in. This is the kind of life God meant for you to live; A great life of success and purpose. But it just doesn’t happen. You must train your mind to think that way.

Everything starts in the mind. You success or your failure will begin in your thoughts. To have the life God designed for you to have, to live a life of significance, take control of your mind. Fill it with the right thinks. Meditate on the positive, the powerful, and purposeful. Break the social hypnosis that wants to keep you on the sofa channel surfing. Train your thoughts toward where you want to be, what you want to have and what you want to accomplish. Think, on purpose.

Author's Bio: 

Daniel Toops is an ordained minister who has been actively involved in pastoral ministry for over twenty years. He is the creator of Better Thinking Better Living Ministries.