Visualizing goals is one of the most important foundations of human achievement. By using your imagination, and envisioning life after your dreams have come true, you can actually attract what you want into your life. And just like athletes are trained to visualize victory, aspiring authors can use this powerful technique to get them excited and motivated about writing their book, and to help ensure it actually gets done.

Creative visualization works because powerful thoughts that are specific and clear can change your mindset, behaviors, and actions to align with what you want. If you want to be a published author, you can spend time thinking about and visualizing what your life will be like after that dream has become a reality. You can picture yourself giving a reading or talk in front of a large group. You can picture yourself shopping in a bookstore and seeing your book on the shelf. And you can picture yourself being interviewed on national television.

Whatever scenario you associate with being a successful author, creating it in your mind is the first step to making it happen. So no matter how long you've been struggling to write and no matter where you are with your book right now, you can change your situation for the better with visualization.

So how can you use this technique to make your book a reality? Here are the steps.

1. Think Big
Take a few minutes away from distractions, and allow yourself to daydream. You can even close your eyes, if that helps. Then let your mind wander. Think about how great you will feel to hold your book in your hands. Think about how your life will be different-better-as an author.

And let your imagination run wild. Don't allow yourself to limit your abilities by thinking negative thoughts like, "Oh, that could never happen to me," or, "My book won't be that great." There are no limits in your daydreams!

Really paint a picture for yourself, so your goal is clear and well-defined. And spend a few minutes living in that daydream, experiencing and enjoying the success you want.

2. Put it in Writing
Like any goal, putting your visualization in writing is important because you can't just think about it and forget when it exists on paper in the physical world. You can write your visualization as a scene in your journal, but tearing it out and posting it in front of your desk where you can read it every day will help your goals stay at the top of your mind.

Even better: dig out some old magazines and make a vision board of pictures and words that represent your vision. For example, you could have a picture of a person reading in front of a large group, a picture of someone signing a book, or even a picture of Oprah holding your book. Whatever gets you excited and feels good to you. You can even draw some pictures if you're artistically inclined. Then post that vision board in a place where you'll see it every day.

Now, if this sounds like bologna to you, I encourage you to try it anyway. Why? First, successful people swear by visualization. So there must be something to it, right? Second, how can you possibly achieve anything you can't first imagine? And third, if you've been struggling to get your book done for far too long, then why not try it? What have you got to lose? Plus, it will be fun-I promise. And before you know it, your dream of being a published author will come true!

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