Many people want to contact their ex after a breakup. It could be that they want to repair the relationship and give it another shot or perhaps just gain closure after the breakup. Regardless, you must understand that in order to communicate with your ex in a peaceful manner, there are some things that you must not do. Following are some of the things to know when contacting an ex.

The first 24 hours after a breakup happens is the most emotional 24 hours for both parties although it may be for different reasons. Due to this, it is not advisable for a person to start contacting an ex.

Now you might point out that one text message won't do any harm, but there's a chance that this would be followed by more messages. Even if your ex is the one who decide to talk with you, you must still ignore it. Why is this?
Because it's possible that you say something you'd regret. The first two weeks after a breakup is still emotionally destabilizing.

At this point, your ex would be trying their best to heal and if you contact them, this would only make it harder for them to move on. It is better if you try to focus on yourself instead of pursuing your ex. Right now you are too emotional for the task and it would be better if you focus on yourself than get your ex back. If you need something from your ex, like some stuff you left in their place, and then ask a friend to get them with you.

Confrontations and communication with your ex should be avoided at all costs. If the two of you run in the same circles, then simply avoid social gatherings where the two of you might meet. It would only be awkward if the two of you happened to be in the same event.

Contacting an ex is only a good idea when both of you have gotten over the breakup. To be on the safe side though, it would be a good idea if you first contact your ex through email or maybe a text message.

You don't want to pressure your ex into answering by calling them directly. A text message would allow them the choice of ignoring you or formulating a satisfactory reply. If you want to set up a meeting between the two of you then this is especially useful. Your ex can choose to reply to you according to their own schedule.

The top thing you need to remember when contacting your ex is not to push too hard. There's a very high chance that they would ignore you or even go so far as to block you out. When this happens, simply try again in the future. If they don't reply then don't resort to flooding their inbox. This is not only petty but would make them annoyed. If they haven't blocked you before, don’t be surprised if they do now.

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