There’s no question about it- end of lease cleaning is by no means an easy task. Nevertheless, it is an important one, especially considering it guarantees the return of the bond money.

Cleaning the property before vacating it is a common courtesy, and also a sign of a healthy practice. It gives a favourable impression on the landlord or even the following tenant who doesn’t have to put up with the existing garbage and clutter.

While it is your responsibility that the cleaning is performed to perfection by trained professionals, it is also important to ensure the company chosen will live up to your expectations.

Here are some key FAQs which you should sort out prior to going for cleaning service. Follow closely! 

What Includes In Your End Of Lease Cleaning Checklist?

A proper end of lease cleaning service in Melbourne includes:- 

  • Comprehensive cleaning of all floor regardless of the type.
  • Proper vacuuming of all the carpets to remove the dust and debris accumulated. For carpets that are heavily stained, these specialised lease cleaners will even use deep carpet cleaning to achieve the desired results.
  • Scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen surfaces, its available accessories and other key surfaces like bench-tops, cupboards, shelves, boards, drawers, etc.
  • Dusting the window surfaces, panels and blinds.
  • Proper upholstery cleaning via both vacuuming and steam cleaning.
  • Thorough bathroom sanitising which also includes de-scaling, grout cleaning, de-liming and more. 

What Is The Precise Time For The Cleaning To Complete? 

This is subjected to vary depending on the size, dimension and the amount of cleaning which is required. Ideally, for a full-fledged clean-up, the time needed is between 3-7 hours.

The smart thing to note here is not to rush the cleaners by setting a tough deadline. Rather; one should plan for the cleaning well in advance so that the cleaners have enough time to clean every nook-and-cranny in the best feasible manner.

Do You Require Money To Be Paid In Advance?

This could be a possibility. Though some lease cleaning experts near Melbourne require a 50% deposit in advance before starting their cleaning operations, some want full payment. 

So, it would be best to speak to the chosen agency about advance payment matters. With that; one can even check their refund policies and other related matters to ensure a seamless clean-up job.

Another incentive which cleaning companies tend to give out is end of lease cleaning discount codes. They either offer it for one service or merge it for two cleaning services- like 10% off code for lease and carpet cleaning. So, watch out for those too! 

Your Experience & Availability? 

Not all cleaning companies are the same in their service quality, and so one needs to confirm the number of field experience they have. One can visit the cleaning company website and know about their number of years in the industry. 

One can even use the contact details to speak to their cleaning professionals about their qualification and their cleaning experience. Some agencies have been in the industry and ascertaining 100% customer satisfaction for over a decade. Pick out those service providers and speak to them.

What Type Of Cleaning Do You Use For Dirty Carpets? 

Ideally, most end of lease cleaning includes thorough carpet cleaning. And to achieve perfection in cleaning, top cleaning agencies use Dry cleaning and Steam carpet cleaning. But before cleaning, these end of lease cleaning experts in St. Kilda test the pH of the visible stain and accordingly decide what measures to use.

Be sure to ask the chosen cleaning company about each of these key aspects. It will help one get value for their spend money.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a part of professional end of lease cleaning experts in St. Kilda for years. The author is also an avid writer who loves educating the readers on all interesting facts about end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.