Small online businesses and E-Commerce websites are usually new to world of digital marketing which can help in increasing traffic to their web page and thereby creating conversions. Advertising through Google is the next game plan one can think of as Google rules the online web-stores and websites with its mammoth web presence and knowledge.

Of course it is already widespread, but still Google plans to capture the major chunk of online store businesses through its Ad-word strategy. There are various modes of advertising in Google, through which the merchant can increase the sales of his E-commerce online stores by elevating traffic, getting customers and converting leads. Google helps in realizing one’s marketing goals through its dedicated ad platforms and exclusive formats. It helps to connect with one’s audience ranging from mobile phones to desktops and from tablets to TV. There are various channels through which Google ads gives visibility to the business houses.

Mobile Ads - 90 percent of the advertisers show mobility between devices, therefore catering to consumers’ on-the-go becomes the need of the hour. Mobile is the key to connect with one’s audience when building a brand or a successful advertising campaign to engage new consumers and generate conversions. These Google ads will appear alongside Google search queries, in videos, apps, and on E-commerce websites too.

Video and Youtube Ads – Video ads actually emerge before other videos are played on Youtube and alongside search results for other videos which help in targeting the right customers through gender, location, age, interests, etc. One pays only when the consumer engages with the ads displayed on normal or E-commerce websites.

TV Ads – Utilizing the power of TV with Google one can target over 100 networks and reach over millions of homes.

Google Display Network – Display advertisements with variant Ad formats like Image ads, Video ads, Text ads and ads on mobile sites by placing the ads on blogs, news sites, etc. to engage potential customers.

Search Ads – Here, one can advertise above or next to Google’s search results supplemented by Adwords Express and Adwords tools. This tools help in controlling costs for one’s campaign so that one pays only for the clicks generated.
Google+ Your Business – This tool helps in engaging potential customers with business through creating dedicated interactive platforms such as Circles and Hangouts. An additional +1 button further helps in elevating the business by recommending one’s business to others.

There are various tools such as Google Ad words for advertisers to help their ads reach consumers instantly, Google Adsense for Publishers as it shows dynamic ads alongside one’s own content, etc. These help in successful conversions as the merchant’s ads reach out to the potential customers instantly. It also helps Google in turn as the search engine giant is always out finding to elevate the value of its search local results.

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