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Whether you are a twenty-something or not there are few things you should not do, before sending nudes of yourself to someone! Sexting is exciting, but you might live to regret it. You can enjoy the art of it, sending witty responses to sexting has its own charm. Also, just like physical sex, sending nudes has its own fun. It keeps the fun alive in your relationship and validates your relationship even more. There is a certain kind of intimacy involved when sending nudes, and sometimes the pictures can really help when words fail. But, you got to be very careful as there is a huge risk of your photos ending up on public forums forever.

Sharing intimate pictures can help you bond better with your partner and sexually liberate you. However, you cannot disagree with the possibility of photos leaking to the outside world without your consent. We tell you this because we want you to think about it and prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Don’t fret we didn’t intend on scaring you. In fact, we have come up with certain strong points as reminders before you hit the send button. This will keep you in control of what you send, how you communicate and who you send those pictures to. This guide is for your benefit and can help you have a safe yet sensual electronic communication with your partner. Moreover, following these practices will also guarantee safety against your pictures getting leaked.

The Sending Nudes Rules You Should Be Following!

Don't be forced into sending nudes, understand the rules of consent

Send or ask for nude pictures only when both of you have given your consent. Consent the term itself might come across as overstated but holds great importance. It can be as simple as one side says send me xxx and the other replies here it is. Don't be forced because somebody is always after it. If it doesn't feel right, do not share your photos or videos. Also, ask the person on the other end if they want/ are ready for sending nudes. Nobody wants to receive a dick pic in the middle of an important meeting. This can also put you at risk as it may be seen by unsuspecting bystanders unintentionally.

Share it with the ones you trust!

This is the most obvious thing to do. Although we cannot rule out that people do share nudes with random strangers they meet on dating apps. However think again, if some random stranger comes up to you and ask for money will you lend them at random? Without knowing them and trusting them enough that the money is going to come back or not? If you answer no, then you know what to do the next time you are sending nudes. Send them to people you trust. Otherwise, there can be repercussions of your intimate pictures ending up as a meme on reddit.

Always set terms and conditions!

Again with the legal terms, it might sound dubious but hear us out. Before you get your angle right, do a little airbrushing, filters, brightness and craft the perfect photo. Decide on terms the terms before you press that send button. It can be as simple as the question, this stays between you and I right? Should they delete it instantly after looking at it or can save it on their phone? Should they keep it for a day or delete? Discuss these conditions beforehand to ensure safety and comfort for both of you.

Use Apps specifically built for sexting

Yes, we are referring to apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram which nobody is oblivious to. All of these apps and others provide the option for private messaging that maintains and controls your privacy. These are for the most part trustworthy apps to send nudes across. These apps allow users to set an expiration time on the pictures they send or delete after posting. So unless the other person screenshots your photo you are trading on safe grounds. Although the security might not be ironclad, at least something is better than nothing!

Don't include your face in the picture!

 rules for sexting and sending nudes

OK, if this isn't common sense then there might not be much hope for you. Every piece of information we share in the cyber world has the potential of being resurfaced. You have to imagine the worst-case scenario in case you are going to be president or have some other important job one day. So if you are actually sending someone your genital pictures then keep your face out! It's much easier to deny down the road. You can take private images in black and white or use a filter. Also, take an image against a generic background make sure there are no identifying items behind you. It's just a no brainier.

Don't ask anybody to take your Nudes!

sexting and nudes sending rules

Maybe it's your long term girl friend or someone you're dating. But this is no good reason enough to ask them in helping take nudes! Trust us; this is a bad idea; we can't even emphasize on how bad! Take the picture only on your own personal device which you don't share with anybody. And maybe your hands shake while taking pictures but do it on your own! while sending and receiving nudes is exciting the reality often turns bitter for many.

Create a separate folder protected by passwords!

Now is the time to boast of your strong password game that nobody can crack, not even the F.B.I. If you and your partner have decided to keep each other's pictures then at least store it in a password protected folder. This will make sure that nobody will have access to it unless you want. Be a team and do it together and be honest about it. While almost all the smartphones come with useful privacy feature, in case you can't find yours, you can always download reliable Apps to do the deed!

Being extra careful will only benefit you and save you in case things take a wrong turn. Be safe with the tips we have shared and make your partner read the same.

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