MATV stands for Master Antenna television which is used in the large buildings such as hotels, office blocks, schools or wide reception area. In this system, the reception is conveyed to every TV in a building using a single master antenna. The MATV system is made up of 2 main sections, which are the head end of the antenna portion and the distribution system that is made of a network of cables. These 2 parts are configured across the different floors of a building to ensure that each TV must receive quality reception. 

What are the MATV Components: A typical MATV system includes the components as mentioned below- 

  • A straightforward UHS TV antenna to receive signal for digital TV. 
  • Properly configured processing components to receive the signals. 
  • Distribution of network to transport the signals to an outlet in each destination. For each area, more than one outlet can be installed. 

When is it Ideal to Install MATV: Using an MATV system in the central location, you can send the TV signals, which in turn help you to avoid the necessity of a large number of antennas. It is even a great way to prevent the reception problem, as higher the TV antennas in close proximity, worse the signals are.

The best part is, MATV installation allows TV as well as FM signals to get transmitted from one antenna to another besides ensuring that the transmission remains strong and free of interference. 

When Do You Need MATV Experts for Antenna Installation?

MATV system is highly in demand where a lot of people need access to television and quality TV reception. Since it is essential to install a correct antenna, it is better to leave the installation up to the experts like Level 3 Engineers in Sydney

When do you need upgrades and modification? Most homes do not require any significant modifications, but there are some places which may need modification. Buildings which have MATV system installed requires complex upgrades to cabling, headends, satellite dishes or some other. 

What to Do If You are Unable to Recieve the Channels?

The antenna system should be inspected by the specialised MATV system antenna installer upon not receiving the signals. To find the reliable antenna installers within the close range, the Australian government has set up the antenna installer endorsement scheme or AIES. 

What are Things That Can Impact the Cost to Such Antenna Installation? 

The cost of antenna installation should be associated with changing the antenna, a satellite dish, new amplifiers, channel professors, and running new cable. 

Is it Possible to Add Security Aspect With Such system?

Security cameras or other devices on MATV network can work using digital modulators, analogue modulators, and you can use them as needed. 

Apart from getting a broad reception for a number of devices, you will get greater channel density, improved service delivery, improved overall signal and ability to record the content from DVD and other players. However, the commissioning of the MATV system must be correctly implemented by electrical engineers in Sydney to ensure system reliability. In Australia, analogue TV signals switched off in 2013, and now all the TV channels are broadcasted digitally. With MATV, now multiple users can watch digital channels with the quality broadcast. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is a Level 3 electrical engineer in Sydney and passionately writes blogs and articles to make users aware of different electrical faults, fixes and upgrades.