Every parent is here looking for the best way to take care of their children. Although most of them struggle enough to make sure the child is cared for, there are several things that most of the parents have a hard time facilitating. It is very hard to take care of the child’s oral hygiene but now Kangaroo Oral care is changing things. Kangaroo oral care is a combination of an automatic toothbrush with an automatic toothpaste dispenser which makes it easier for children from the age of 2 to 12 to take care of their oral hygiene.

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Jaime Frand who is a nurse and a father of four designed the toothbrush to ease the hustle parents face as they raise the children. He designed this toothbrush to help parents train their children on proper oral hygiene. The toothbrush is specifically designed and manufactured for children that cannot perform oral cleanliness the right way. What this means is that if your child is able to brush the teeth and perform other oral practices perfectly, this brush is not for them. This doesn’t mean that older children shouldn’t use Kangaroo oral care. This technology is perfect for all the ages and works to teach people how to brush and effectively take care of themselves.

Kangaroo oral care brush has a couple of benefits

When we are talking about Kangaroo Oral care brush, we are talking about a helpful brush that has a couple of benefits. Kangaroo oral care brush will help the child achieve more frequent brushing, maintain healthy teeth and gums. It will also help you learn healthy lifestyle habits. The brush is also very easy to use and eventually excellent for traveling.

It’s a all in one brush, toothbrush and flossier

Kangaroo oral care toothbrush comes as a full package with the toothbrush, toothpaste and a flossier. It is also very easy to change once you notice that the brush is running out. As a matter of fact, dentists and other specialists recommend you change the brush after every three months. Kangaroo oral care toothbrush is a perfect way for a white smile on your kids.

The toothpaste is a fluoride sparkling bubble gum flavor

The whole kit comes with fluoride sparkling gum flavored toothpaste which is dispensed from a transparent tube. This makes it easier for you to know how much is left and how much is dispensed at each point in time. The toothpaste will serve you for some time. As a matter of fact, it lasts for about 3 months. Though, it may last for a shorter time. This depends entirely on the usage. The kit also features a pink soft or a neon green handle color options to add fun.


It comes with a 2 minute timer to make sure you can time your entire process. It has a multi colored lights to time it. This is especially important if you are training your child on how to take care of their oral health. It is a very important aspect of life in this case.

A qualified nurse created the brush

People have issues trusting health products especially if they are not manufactured by an expert in the field. In our case, Jaime Frand who is a fully qualified nurse creates the brush. He was inspired by circumstances to manufacture this brush for his parents and the children. As I had already indicated, he’s a father of four who thought that his children should have an hygienic life especially when it comes to oral hygiene. He specifically manufactured this to make people’s life easier and your children’s mouth cleaner.

It alleviates the mess that children make when applying paste from the tube

Parents have a hard time training their children how to brush and floss well as they grow up. For this reason, most of them want a toothbrush that will reduce instances of mishandling, misuse and waste. As I had already indicated, the kit is a all-in-one package with a brush, toothpaste holder and a flossier. It also comes with a timer to make sure that the child applies only the required amount of paste. All these features make it easy for them to brush. It makes brushing fun and an exciting activity which later encourages children to brush and floss. What this means is that the child will be excited and looking forward to brush his/her teeth without causing any mess.

This brush is more than a teeth brushing tool

When you compare this brush head-to-head with other normal brushes, you will realize that there’s so much in this. It is an all-in-one oral hygiene tool. The manufacturer has combined a couple of oral care tools into one package. The package is convenient and very child-friendly to make it easy for the child to take full responsibility over their oral hygiene. The brush doesn’t only help your children brush but also teaches them oral hygiene habits.

Children as early as 2 years can use it

As a parent, you want to feel like you are taking full responsibility of your child’s future oral hygiene and hence you want a tool that will help you teach them oral hygiene as early as possible. The good thing about Kangaroo Oral Hygiene toothbrush is that it can be easily used by children from the age of 2-12. You don’t have to worry about the age. The child should use it until they are fully confident that they can handle their oral hygiene.

The brush meets top Dental standards

The brush was engineered by dentistry guidelines and for this reason; it fulfils all of the doctors recommendations. It was built to safely teach children on how to brush and take care of their mouths with ease. The manufacturer also contacted and related closely with top dental professionals and dentists to be sure they are manufacturing something that will help people. Jaime frand also conducted market research along the way to be sure they are in line with international guidelines and market needs.

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