Did you ever wish you could send someone a birthday cake? The thought of getting it there was probably enough to discourage the idea from the get-go. However, it isn't as difficult to do as you might think. The ease of the process depends on where you live, where the recipient lives, and the time limits involved. Birthday cakes delivered too late or even too early can defeat the purpose.

If you walk into a bakery and order a cake, you arrange a pick up time and someone has to come and pick up the cake. You can also order your cakes online from various websites. If the site has a local address, you can still arrange to pick the cake up yourself and carry it to the birthday celebrant.

Most websites will offer a choice of delivery services to choose from if picking up in person is impractical.

If it is local, cake delivery is usually available every day. You will pay a delivery charge, and should set up the time it is needed when you place the order on the website or by phone. The distance involved will determine the cost of the delivery.

UPS may be offered for shipping cakes of all kinds. The shipping charges will be based on the size, what is available in your zip code, the amount of packaging required, whether or not it needs to be kept chilled, and date requirements.

Cake delivery often requires set up time upon arrival. This would be true in the case of any tiered wedding or birthday cake, and also when other items, such as fresh flowers, are being added to the display. Make sure you are allowing enough time for this and that the table placement is available when your cake is brought in.

When you are having birthday cakes delivered, timing and the packaging is of the utmost importance. Many supply vendors and cake decorators keep a large number of boxes in various sizes available for cake delivery, so if you are the one making and delivering the cake you should be able to purchase the correct sized boxes that will keep your masterpiece protected while being moved around.

The cake needs to be placed on a board and then placed in a box that is just a bit larger than the cake itself. Be careful to check height, width, and depth…and include bulky decorations that are not removable for shipment. If the box is too big, the cake can slide around and cause damage.

Consider the type of icing you use (or order) because during cake delivery, the cake might get too warm, melting some of the frosting. You should carry extra frosting with you to touch things up if you are doing the set up. If you ordered the cakes online, they will know what type of frosting is the best to use for your particular circumstances.

Many of the sites used for ordering cakes online also explain, in detail, what is needed to deliver the perfect cake on time and undamaged They are well aware of what is involved in transporting a cake over long distances.

They will not let you choose an ingredient that won't hold up to your specific situation. You will be told what is needed for placement after the cake arrives, how much time will be needed for setting it up, and whether it needs refrigeration or not. In tiered cakes, each layer will be packaged separately and assembled upon arrival at its destination.

It is well worth the money to have your birthday cakes delivered directly to the party by someone whose expertise is in that area. They will know to check the time of day, road conditions, and best possible routes to get your cake to its destination in beautiful and delicious form!

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