The interim between a great interview and the awaited job offer is agonizing to say the least. As the interview was promising, you are filled with a sense of confidence and also the possibility of getting a job offer. The only hiccup is you have not received anything in writing. Now what, well you can do quite a few things before you actually join the organization. Frequenting job seekers website is certainly going to help.
Continue with your job hunt
The supreme confidence of the job likely coming your way is not reason enough for you to stop looking for work until you have the hard copy of the job offer in your hands. The perennial question of how to find a job has still not been answered. You need to be proactively looking for other available options until you are absolutely positive about landing the job. Till such time you need to be taking interviews. Submitting of resumes and cover letters must continue till you actually get an offer from a business.
Never assume you won’t get the job
Oftentimes the hiring process is slow, and this is no reason to be discouraged at all. Getting disappointed and telling yourself “someone help me find a job” over and over again is not going to be of much help. In the event you have not heard from them for a week, don’t fret. It does not however mean the awaited possibility is over. In the event of their overshooting the deadline of intimating you about the outcome of the interview, you need to follow it up with the hiring manager. The worst thing to do is to just sit back, relax and assume that rejection was imminent. Another thing to do is getting in touch with an insider for insights, who may be in the know of things.
You can find a lot by using context clues
Check the company’s website and see if the listing is still on, or the position has been filled up. It might even be possible that hiring has been put on a hold for the time being. In the event you end up receiving the bad news, be gracious, use the interview experience positively and apply for jobs online. Keep checking back every few months so that a professional relationship is sustained. It is very much possible that you they did not find you suitable for that particular opening at that time, this however does not rule out the possibility of you ending up as the perfect choice for a position that becomes available in the future. Sometimes turbulence in the industry per-se impacts the company’s decision to put hiring on freeze. Following this line of thinking can help you to better understand what actually might be happening.

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There could be innumerable reasons why the employer is not getting back to you as promised. Don’t press the panic button yet. May be the reasons for not calling you back have nothing to do with you at all.