Friends with benefits relationships are extremely popular now, even more than it was in the last decade, mostly because of the internet and online dating sites. For those who do not know much about this, FWB is a kind of relationship where you are friendly with someone and you have sex with him or her without bothering about emotional or sentimental attachment. Basically, relationships like these give you a good time in bed with someone you like, with no strings attached. Therefore, FWB relationships are greatly enjoyed by people who are not looking for or simply cannot afford any kind of emotional or sentimental relationship but need some sexual satisfaction. Read below to know how you should approach Friends with benefits relationships.
Check Out the Online FWB Dating Sites
It’s much easier to find a Friend with Benefits these days than it was previously, thanks to the FWB Sites . There are many such sites where you can find your partner with just a click. You can choose the one you want from an ocean of people; you can share photos, videos and engage in discussions before you actually get into such a relationship. These social platforms enable you to be friends before you invite the person into your bedroom.
Websites like help you in finding many online dating sites and apps where you can find your perfect Friends with Benefits match!
Do Not Do it with a Close Friend
The first rule of Friends with Benefits relationship is that you must not make your dear friend into a friend with benefits if you want to avoid complexities. The only way you can derive simple pleasure out of a FWB relationship is if you choose to be emotionally distant and treat sex and love as binary opposition. It goes without saying that you cannot do that with your dear friend because you would be too emotionally involved. And if something goes wrong in the bedroom, you might lose one friend you hold dear. Thus, do it with someone whom you are friendly with, but who will not make your life less joyful if they leave you.
Be Honest About Your Feelings
‘No strings attached’ is the hard and fast rule of Friends with Benefits relationships. Therefore, you must be very clear about your feelings towards both yourself and your partner. If you begin to understand that you have developed feelings for your partner but he or she is not going to reciprocate, I would suggest that you maturely break it off before your feelings get out of hands and result in your heart break.
Discuss About Your Pre

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