For many women worldwide, focusing on their lips has become a way to improve their appearance. However, applying lipstick daily can get tiresome, so they prefer altering the look of their lips once and for all. Advanced techniques such as tattooing and lip blushing can solve these issues easily. These techniques have benefits and drawbacks, just like all other forms of permanent makeup. This is why people prefer consulting a professional beautician before getting a lip blush for the necessary guidance and details about their choice. Therefore, before your initial consultation, you must thoroughly know what you are getting into. Below are five things that you should know about lip blush.

What Exactly Is This Technique?
Lip blushing, in actuality, is a tattoo that provides more color and enhances the shape of your lip. In general, a spot of colored ink is applied to your lips along the line to give them a more beautiful appearance. The color is then subdued to produce results that look natural. A majority of people confuse colored ink with a lip filler that is used in several other methods. The lip blush technique not only adds color to your lips but also gives them a certain volume.
In contrast, lip fillers add volume but not color. The outcomes will be incredible if you book a top-rated salon for getting this treatment. Such salons normally choose the best product for each person based on their goals.

How Does the Process Work?
This process is slightly different from the traditional tattooing technique. Here, small cuts are made on your lips using a tiny blade, unlike a traditional tattoo that uses a needle to apply ink. Each cut receives a deposit of ink. A layer of color can be added every time until the desired results are achieved. Although, perfect results are achieved throughout several sessions. Your lips are typically numbed first using a topical anesthetic. The technician will then sketch the shape of your desired lips. Here, you will decide whether to make your lips appear more symmetrical or accentuate your cupid's bow. Your lips start to lose their color at a certain age, so the ink is frequently applied there. You might feel swollen, red, and possibly bruised after completing the process. To help reduce swelling, ice can be applied to your lips for some time.

Who Should Apply the Blush to Your Lips?
Lip blushing should only be performed by a permanent makeup artist or skilled cosmetic tattoo artist because of their professionalism and extensive training. Hence, you must look for a qualified beautician that matches your standards. Before deciding to have any procedure, experts advise that you check their previous work by looking at the photos. Then ask them a few questions regarding their certifications and whether the previous clients were satisfied. Make sure you get comfortable with them as quickly as possible. This service is also provided in medical spas. Hence, you can also visit your nearest spa to book an appointment.

What Is the Duration of Lip Blush?
Blushing lasts two years on average, but individual results may vary. Smoking and exposure to the sun both hasten the fading of your color. Therefore, you must visit your beautician regularly to maintain the results. Since the technique is a form of permanent makeup, it gets difficult to undo if you're not pleased with them. Also, keep in your mind that insurance doesn't pay for this procedure. Hence, it will cost you a good amount of money which changes according to the ratings and the salon's location.

Does Blushing Your Lips Hurt?
Most people have a common misconception that this treatment is painful. On the contrary, a numbing cream is applied to the lips to relieve pain. Moreover, your beautician also takes care of the bleeding and swelling, which will come after the process is completed. Then, using a small blade or a micro needle, the artist gently inserts the pigment into the top layer of the skin. To put the color on the lips and cover them totally, a procedure called pixelating is done. Pixelating is the placement of thousands of tiny pigments on the surface of your lips. Most of your time is spent on this step because it is so complex, repetitive, and laborious. The depth and saturation of the color increase as more layers are added to compress the pixels. Once the color is applied after a couple of hours, the beautician will apply a healing balm to reduce the effect of swelling.

Many of us must have avoided getting lip tattoos for a long time. But it has become more popular recently, thanks to techniques like micro-blading and micro-feathering. Now, lip blushing is quickly becoming a popular type of tattooing. Since it has specific advantages over other techniques, it is now preferred worldwide. However, you must research before booking a service as it is a permanent procedure.

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