There are many things you need to consider while moving in your new place one of which is the preparation of the pre move checklist. This is quite crucial thing to do as it will help you prepare for your move effectively. There are certain to do one must perform to make their stay at their new home hassle free. Already moving creates a lot of stress with its plethora of work and responsibilities and then you would never want to miss out on these essential must to do things before move so that you have plethora of breathing space after you check in to your new place

Let’s look into the checklist by the best moving companies, of things one need to perform before the move:

Changing your address

Changing your address is one of the most crucial point here and should not be a ignored or delayed .There are many new and easy ways made by the government for changing address, you can either go physically and change it or you can simply do it online. All you have to do is head to the Change of Address portion of their website. But you should ensures that you don’t miss any important documents and details while uploading your address and it should be a matter of your priority.

Make sure you Check for leaks

Why would you accept any thing which is already not in working order? Never move in a house before everything is properly set in its place. It is basically the responsibility of your home inspector to make sure that your house is leak-free. But, with a simple double-check, you can give yourself peace of mind that the place is ideal to move in. When you’re moving in and not yet using any water, check your water meter. If there is any minor plumbing leak you have to take help with your nearest plumber. If you don't want to deal with it right away, at least you’ll be aware of the current state of your pipes. It will help you know about the leakage before you move in to avoid any leakage.

Changing or modifying the toilet seats

For the sake of your own self hygiene one should always go for altering the toilet seats. A simple toilet seat change will help you feel like the home is really yours and it will help secure any kind of unwanted infections to peep in and you will be safe after your move. Also you can go and, consider choosing a detachable toilet seat which can be useful in future also. It becomes a lot more difficult when you have to scrub your toilet seat, and with a detachable seat, you can take the whole thing off and get every nook and cranny sparkling.

Cleaning the place before the move:

Make sure you clean the place before the move, moving into the dirty place would be a big negativity. Starting a new phase with dirt would be a big no, so make sure you appoint some cleaners to disinfect the place and make it look clean and tidy.

So, besides asking for moving quotes, you must also ask the moving company to offer you a detailed moving checklist to refer. This will help you plan and execute your move in the most efficient manner.

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