In today’s time, stem cell banking is one of the most promising & emerging fields of life sciences. A lot of research has confirmed that stem cell banking serves as an internal repair mechanism, dividing to replenish other cells. Families expecting a baby have to deal with many concerns when it comes to preparing for their baby. I have been through this phase, and I know how overwhelming it is. The thing that plays a key role in making decisions for your baby is you are ready to do everything that can protect your baby, and one such thing is stem cell banking. So when I was expecting my child, I did all the research to find the right cryobanks international. So, in this article, I bring you the three factors that you should keep in mind while choosing a cord blood bank.

Experience & Technology

When it comes to choosing a stem cell bank, one thing that you should definitely take into account is the years of experience that the bank holds in the industry and the technology used by them. Check the number of samples stored by them, experience and expertise of the staff. You should also check their accreditation & registration, state registration or licenses, etc.

Thus, you must ensure that the bank you choose is being competently managed and has years of experience in the industry and has a proven scientific background.

High-tech Laboratory & Location

It is always better to choose a bank that has its own high-tech labs & storage rooms and doesn’t outsource it. I choose Cryoviva because they have their labs and storage rooms that have facilities like power back-up and generators, and they also have a monitoring system that ensures a controlled environment 24*7.

Quality & Best Therapeutic Outcomes

This is one of the important factors that should be considered while choosing a bank. Make sure that the cryobank works towards national and international collaborations and provides the best of class facilities in the stem cell industry. Also, check whether the bank has high-end processing & storage technology that is approved by the International authorities.

Hence, choose a cord blood bank that will not only preserve your baby’s stem cell but also not so heavy your pocket. A stem cell bank will offer you many pricing options. Make sure you check the pricing options offered by the banks and then make the final decision.

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