All the streets and lanes in Sydney still reek of the pandemic that has been too stubborn to leave the world. But it’s fading. We’ve all locked ourselves in for a long time now and we’re slowly coming out of our homes and eagerly trying to get back on our feet. But we’re bombarded by a thousand doubts about the things we are allowed to do. Can you board a dinner cruise in Sydney? Can you visit the zoo? Climb the Harbour Bridge? We know you have many untended questions. So here’s a look-see into the things you can do in post-lockdown Sydney.
Sydney Harbour Cruises
The popular dinner and lunch cruises in Sydney have most definitely been missed! And now since they’re back in the game, ahoy to those who’ve been waiting to get out. As per the strict guidelines posed by the government, the cruises advise the passengers and the crew to maintain social distancing and use sanitisers and masks on board. The catamaran lunch cruise on Sydney Harbour run by Australian Cruise Group now offers a revamped version of food and beverages that will excite the tourists. Enjoy the mesmerising views of the iconic Sydney skyline as you sail over the azure waters of Sydney Harbour. We know you’ve been yearning to breathe in some fresh air and Sydney Harbour dinner cruises could be your ticket to revive your touristy dreams. Book your seats now for a wonderful post-lockdown tour in Sydney.
Restaurants and cafes
In a huge relief to Sydneysiders and people visiting the city, dining out is now allowed with restrictions. It’s a relief for the foodie community and now you can enjoy your favourite dishes at your favourite place rather than getting them delivered to your doors. Now if you’ve finally made up to dine out with your friends or family, make sure you follow the strict guidelines given by the government.
Other places you can visit
From swimming in the sea and chilling in the park to attending a wedding and hitting the gym, every activity you love had been taken away from you. With the restrictions being eased now, you may head over to your chill zones. The beaches will allow small groups of not more than 10 people and take part in the recreational activities. In other mentionable changes, weddings can now have 10 additional guests besides the couple and their closest families. Parks, gyms, museums, libraries have all started running on schedules with restrictions. The NSW government has issued a notice to the public reminding everyone to be cautious at all times, although the restrictions have been eased.
On a final note, it’s a time for all of us to celebrate, but in moderation and with gratitude. Cheers to us for holding on and let’s hope Sydney kicks back to normalcy at the earliest.

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