The standee banners are one of the best ways of advertising your products in a vendor shop or a trade show. They are small and you can put them in places where people tend to assemble or stand in line. They can also work as a creative menu if you run a food shop. However, the most important thing is getting the excellent design and adequate information on the banner. The following tips can help you in creating a very appealing standee banner:

- Logo Should be at the top: This is not a prime requirement, but standee banners are for advertising. Getting your logo at the top will make viewers see it first. Below, you can put the message you want to show or the list of your photographs or pictures.

- Left-To-Right, Top-To-Bottom: Everyone reads this way, isn’t it? So, any other way is not going to work. Also, make sure to provide only the relevant information and do not just put loads of information which will demand the readers to stand and invest a minute to understand what is written. Just be precise and creative.

- High Quality Images: A picture can speak a thousand words, and this applies to standee banners and roll up standees as well. If you are designing your banner on a computer, then make sure to save them as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, and set the DPI to no less than 300 dots per inch. If you don’t understand this or face problems, then prefer to buy standee online.

- Colors Are Important: Colors are something that can make you stand out from others in an exhibition. Choose colors that work well with each other and also support the logo. Gray and black are considered as serious colors, while red and orange can grab your customers’ attention. There are also other cool combinations which you can try to appeal to your customers.

- Text and Spacing: It’s true that images can speak more than texts, but they will come out a little odd without the texts. Texts act as the topography of the banner and they can add value to the images. Use texts which are easily readable and are appealing. Have some experiment with the font and size. At the bottom, use only text instead of images. You can add your website or your address.

- Design Aesthetics: To make your customers identify you with your products and brands, then it’s better to switch to an aesthetic design and produce all your standee banners, roll up banners, or flex standee banners, according to this design aesthetic.

- The Right Size of Your Banner: The size of standee banners goes from 13-inch to 6.8-foot. If you use a backdrop stand, then they can go above ten feet. Larger banners can help you advertise, while smaller banners can complement your larger banners.

- Experiment: Tips are important, but the only way you can know which one is good for you is to experiment. Try different designs and choose the one which you find most appealing.

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