Davinci veneers, a thin material made of porcelain that a dentist permanently bonds to your teeth, thus masking color, shape and position in the mouth, is a hard procedure. This is why when considering the aesthetic procedure proper research should be conducted as it is irreversible. However, once you choose to go with the procedure veneers can offer a superb way of getting in office tooth whitening as they are always clean and shiny. Porcelain, the main material is ceramic, thus making its surface smooth. The smoothness ensures they are resistant to stains thus coffee, cigarettes, sodas, and wine stains. Another advantage of veneers in Houston TX is the durability where porcelain based ones last 15 years, while plastic veneers last seven years. Porcelain veneers also have customizable color, where dark teeth can be lightened to white. The dentist has to do a check up to determine if you are eligible for them as people with periodontal disease, weak teeth, or inadequate enamel. People need to first be treated from the underlying problems before veneers are installed or it will be a pointless procedure.

Davinci veneers other advantage is that teeth do not require shaping before being worked on. This is because veneers are already ultra-thin and are ready to be installed immediately. Veneers are an excellent choice for a person looking to boost their confidence. Veneers in Houston TX can repair crooked, discolored, gaps and missing teeth. Once the procedure is done, veneers improve a person’s smile, thus boosting their self-confidence and appearance. The whole procedure of getting veneers is fairly expensive with most dentists charging up to two thousand dollars for each veneer. This makes it expensive where you have numerous teeth requiring veneers. One of the best ways to combat the cost is looking for a clinic that offers flexible payments and insurance. Where the cost can be split into small payments over a specified period of time. Getting financial alternatives can be good as cosmetic dental procedures are expensive with procedures such as in house tooth whitening costing in the thousands.

Clinics that offer davinci veneers often offer free consultation services to ensure that you are eligible for them. Also before choosing a dentist you have to ensure you are comfortable with them as the process is irreversible and getting it wrong can lead to more harm than good. If you don’t want veneers and still crave for the perfect pearly whites, in office tooth whitening can be a cheaper and faster alternative. Teeth whitening is simpler as the dentist uses strong hydrogen peroxide to bleach teeth over a long period of time. Choosing a dentist that is always available is ideal as any complication can be addressed fast without it escalating into harder complications. Look for offices that offer quality veneers in Houston TX as they will be instrumental in all future smiles of the whole family. Remember, the best dentist is the dentist you trust, where you are comfortable, offers quality service to match the price and one you can recommend to your family and friends without hesitation.

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