Use of Vinyl in Banners

Vinyl is a plastics product, and actually a type of PVC. (Those of you with some exposure to the plumbing industry may be familiar with PVC.) As a plastics product, vinyl is naturally waterproof. That gives it several advantages: it’s waterproof. Hang it indoors or outdoors – it doesn’t matter. Vinyl banners are also flexible – you can roll them, fold them, store them – and they will retain their shape without tearing, stretching or falling apart.

Vinyl comes in several thicknesses to meet your specific banner needs. A lightweight vinyl can be as light as 9 ounces per square yard, while the heaviest weigh up to 22 ounces.

Benefits of Vinyl Banner

Are you going to hang your banner every year for a few hours? Well, it can probably be printed on a lighter-weight vinyl. But are you hanging a banner outdoors for, well, maybe months? Good thing you can order your banner in a heavy gauge vinyl to take anything and everything the outdoor elements throw at it.

Wait, you say, what about the inks? Don’t I have to worry about how they’ll hold up? After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if the ink doesn’t hold up – well, it doesn’t matter how great the vinyl is.

You’re right. And it’s a good thing most banner print shops use good quality ink. If you’re in doubt, before your place your order make sure there’s a quality guarantee that comes with your banner. And don’t hesitate to check out any feedback you find on the site you’re considering doing business with.

Vinyl banners are just too sweet to pass by. Imagine getting your banner this year, and because it’s on high quality vinyl with heavy-duty grommets for hanging, you’ll still be using it years from now. You’d be crazy to get your banner printed on anything but vinyl!

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