“Think in the morning. Act in the noon. Eat in the evening. Sleep in the night.” (William Blake)
Sleeping disorders are very common now a days. Our lives are getting complex because of our busy routines we don’t even have time for a healthy and good night sleep. People are getting frustrated in their lives and are becoming a victim of sleeping disorders. To overcome these disorders people are rushing towards solutions. Use of sleeping tablets is the best solution so far. Sleeping pills can be an answer to the problems but only for short term. People use these medicines for having a good night sleep but most of them become addicts because of not having proper prescriptions from doctors. Most people use these medicines according to their own knowledge and don’t know that how much to take at a time. Similarly people who are suffering from insomnia, mental stress or having problems in their relationships find it hard to sleep in the night so they seek the help of sleeping tablets.
It is highly suggested to not to use such drugs unless proper prescriptions from certified doctors are given. A person always starts with using small quantity of these drugs but as a person gets used to these drugs day by day the reaction of the sleeping pills starts to get mitigated because the brain receptors gets used to the effects of the medicines. One can become dependent on these drugs if used over a long period of time. All of this discussion never means that sleeping pills are not recommended to use. There are some instructions that one should always follow before using sleeping pills.
Some of the key points are as follows:
1. Try to make sleeping schedule for one’s self and find 8 hours of sleep every night in a natural way.
2. Never ever use sleeping pills as the first option to get rid of the sleeping disorders that you are facing. Always try to find a solution that dont involve the use of drugs.
3. If the only solution to overcome the sleeping disorder is to use sleeping pills then one must take it with the proper prescription given by the doctor and must not exceed the quantity of dosage as prescribed.
4. Don’t make the usage of pills as a part of your daily routine otherwise they will start to lose their effect because the person’s body will get used to the chemicals.
5. Use of sleeping pills with alcohol is highly restricted because they will make the effect of the drug very severe and in worst cases it can cause death also.
6. The most important thing is that you must use legal drugs and buy from authenticated websites or resources that have a good track record.
7. Before using the sleeping pills one must always read the guidelines given on the back of the medicines.
8. Take the pills with a glass of milk to minimize the effects of the dose taken.

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