Do you find you binge eat or overeat when you try to lose weight?

Maybe you’ve woke up weighed yourself and are horrified you’ve put on that extra pound or kilo too far?
Feel the need to do something drastic, perhaps this pattern has been going on for months or even years, You’ve dieted but then Monday comes and instead of losing the weight you’ve actually put more on! You are not alone in ending up at this disheartening place again and again.

Time to do something different

Let’s get real. What is it really costing to stay this way? Feeling fat frumpy out of control with food, becoming out of breath with even the minimal amount of exercise. Tired all the time no energy, life like a treadmill. Binge eating feels good briefly, like it’s your only pleasure at times.

Let’s change this pattern of overeating right now

Please fetch a pen and some paper and start to write your list of personal pain of being this way. The reason I want you do do this is seeing it in black and white in front of you will help you to cement the decision ‘I must change’ plus it will give you a blast of motivation to start right now. We are there to help you to solve problem of Compulsive overeating, Compulsive eating, How to stop eating.

What is it really cosing me to Compulsive eating/How to stop eating and stay this way/weight?

Please pause -reread and start writing, what is in costing in terms of your health, your body, your emotions, your relationships and self esteem? Allow the answers to pour out onto the page.

Do you feel a failure as you’ve never successfully kept the weight of through a diet? You are not alone 90% plus people can’t either. That is the failure rate of the multibillion dollar diet industry, Study after study has shown this dismal statistic. Diet and the feelings of denial and deprivation leads to binging behaviors and eating disorders where food becomes the enemy.

Where will I be if I carry on like this in six months time? Or Six years time?

Time to stop and you can, I did. Overweight as a child Bulimia and binge eater as an adult, yet not anymore and I did it by intergrating into my life the same thoughts feelings and behaviors that lean, healthy happy people do and the result it I’ve become one.

I’ve gone on to record many hypnosis CDs and downloads that you can listen to to install the same strategies far quicker than it took me to discover, refine and implement ways for the mind to take on board new ways of thinking and feeling.

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