A very important step involved in starting an online store involves organizing product data. Product catalog forms the crux of your online business, hence ignoring this step can make it difficult for you to run your business. Organizing product data is a challenge if you decide to do it manually. Inaccuracies and errors are given when manual methods are used for maintaining the catalog.

Moreover, manually uploading catalog via Excel sheet is tedious and very time-consuming. Just imagine if you want to add or delete products in the catalog, are you going to do it manually? You certainly don’t want to spend time in such tasks that can be easily automated with an .
The software tool is particularly useful when you are sourcing products from multiple suppliers. You will have to maintain product data in a well-structured format that is coming from multiple sources. Keep in mind that if you want your sales team to sell products in the most efficient manner, it is imperative to provide a catalog that contains up-to-date product data. There is a high probability that your team will oversell products if a catalog is maintained manually.

When you are using an Aggregated product catalog, it is important that the catalog is accessible on any device, be it smartphones or tablets. When the visibility of your product catalog is device independent, it will allow your sales team to access it easily. Moreover, your end-customers should also be able to access it on any device, which can help it to improve online sales.

When you are going to deliver the right product information, when and whenever customers need it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t expect your business to thrive. An ecommerce business has a huge potential to generate tremendous amount of revenue. Manage your catalog content with the right software tool to drive profit. Whether you want to sell products on your site or online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc., make sure to use a catalog management tool to present your products in a well-structured format to customers.

Creating a central repository of your Aggregated catalog is easy when you are using this software tool. When you make changes to this repository, the updated catalog will be visible across all departments.
On the whole, a catalog management software is an invaluable tool when it comes to creating, editing or updating catalog information. Product prices are automatically updated. It completely eliminates manual intervention for managing catalog and allows you to focus on what matters most - sales. The tool allows you to effortlessly create catalogs depending on the categories you specify. You can easily publish catalogs across multiple channels in a matter of minutes.

Cross-sell functionality is another important feature of this software tool. Whenever a visitor is browsing your catalog and clicks on the product details page, he will be able to view cross-sell and upsell products. This functionality can play a crucial role to increase average order size and overall business revenue.

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