People want to adjust their appearance and reach their beauty goals quickly. Cosmetic surgery must be performed to get the look they desire.

Cosmetic surgery can be divided into invasive and non-invasive. Non-invasive surgeries are normally risk-free and they can be performed by doctors who may or may not have extensive experience.

However, invasive or reconstructive surgeries must be done under surgeons who have the qualification and experience to do so.

People have been opting for not only their faces but also eye cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, which is known as Oculoplastic.

Oculoplastic surgery is an invasive surgery that focuses on eyelids, the structure around the eye, issues with the tear (lacrimal) system, also the area surrounding the eyeball. Some oculoplastic surgeries can be cosmetic, but some cases are corrective.

India is considered the hub for such surgeries as the surgeons are well trained, hospitals are well equipped, and costs are low.

Choosing the best oculoplastic surgeon in India is imperative because an inexperienced doctor can cause injury to the most important sense organ, i.e. your eyes.

Here are some important things to keep in mind while selecting an Oculoplastic surgeon:

Qualification of the shortlisted surgeon

It is important to ensure that your chosen surgeon is well trained and experienced in the surgery you have to undergo.

Oculoplastic surgery is a complex speciality that requires several years of education and training from a premier college. The physician must have a valid certification that will ensure they will meet the safety requirements and have the necessary medical skills to perform invasive surgery.

You must also enquire about the techniques and technology they employ during the surgery to ensure that they keep up the pace with advancements.

Work Experience

Along with the right education, the physician must have ample experience in performing oculoplastic surgeries. If the surgeon is performing this type of surgery once a week or more per week for a good number of years – then he is the medical professional to go with.

Affiliation with a hospital

Even if the surgery is routine and safe, do not get it done in the physician’s clinic. In the event of a medical emergency, if the doctor is not affiliated with a hospital, things can spiral out of control too soon and too bad.

Time giving and Polite

A surgeon who is always in a hurry is the one you must stay away from. If a surgeon pressures you to undergo an operation and hesitates to answer your questions, you must look out for another one.

A surgeon who gives you an insight into the surgery is the one you must choose. They must not only tell you the advantages but also the risks involved.

Ask for a portfolio of their work, look through and only then decide to go in for this oculoplastic surgery – either cosmetic or reconstructive.

The most important thing to remember is that a good rapport and his excellent credentials do not guarantee a favourable outcome. However, these are the basis of a successful partnership between your oculoplastic surgeon and you.

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