Buying a pre-construction condo has its perks. You get a brand new, unused home, with everything as per your specifications. However, there are a few things you have to keep in mind before you start investing in a pre construction condominium.
A majority of people are investing in these projects given their lucrative future prospects and as a preferred residential nesting place. Because we don't like to compromise when it comes to deciding where we want to live and raise a family.
However, certain things have to be kept in mind before you embark on to buy a pre-construction residential condo. To view the best upcoming Pre-Construction Condos In Mississauga, visit Condo Shack. Hear from them about the things to consider before buying a presale condo.
The Location
Before you get swayed by the immaculate interiors and exteriors of a condo design, just give the project location a good thought. Is it in the vicinity of your workplace? Does it give you the convenience of easy access to public transport system?
If it's situated far away from your workplace, schools, hospitals, and markets, you should reconsider your choice. A residential place should be well connected to the city. A country side project may give you the peace of mind and serenity, but may get you hours late for your work. That's not working in your favor.
Initial Deposit
It's preferable to read the terms and conditions of agreement before you sign on the dotted line. Points to look out for are the initial required deposit which is 20% but you won't have to pay that upfront. Instead, you might be asked to pay in batches of 5% on various levels of project development. Because builders need funds to start construction.
Plus, be ready for additional costs such as builder's closing costs. Condo fee may also rise rapidly in the future as initial maintenance costs tend to be higher apart from balancing out any previous costs. If you're ready for these additional costs and have enough saved up for unexpected expenses, you're good to go.
Choosing the Preferred Layout
What's the point of investing in a presale condo if you don't choose what you want? Clearly, you need to point out the materials you want in your home, the interior layout, and the color scheme you prefer. Even though builders cannot make changes to the materials, they may later on offer layout that are slightly different from what you chose earlier. That's because some things take shape as they're being made. It's necessary to have a flexible mindset to accommodate these minor changes in your condo and be ready for the unexpected.
Delays in Possession
No builder will ever guarantee project completion by a given date. Nor will he/she mention that specific date. Because construction takes time and he proposed year or month of completion may get pushed ahead due to many unforeseen circumstances. There may be a problem with the workers, or the material delivery may not be on time. Weather plays an important role as well. In such a case, be prepared for delays but also be informed as to the time period of delay after which builder can be penalized.
It's better to be a smart buyer when it comes to investing in your dream home. A presale condo offers a great opportunity to have your dream home for much less than a resale home. Being the first inhabitant, you'll create wonderful memories for sure in your very first home. And it becomes all the more better if you find your Preconstruction Condos In Mississauga from Condo Shack.

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