“You cannot tell others to stop beating the bush till you don’t stop it yourself!”

When it comes to being a driving instructor, it is not all about knowing in-depth, the things that are related to driving. It is all about getting rid of certain other habits as well.

Well, you will find books and other training manuals that will teach you how to teach your trainees to be a good driver, once you take the instructor’s seat. However, here on this page, we will deal with some other bad habits that are not directly connected to driving, but which will stop you from being a good instructor.

Being Impatient……

You will find fast learners as well as slow learners coming to learn driving to you! You cannot discriminate them based on their acumen.

Thus, you need to be friendly and open enough to them when it comes to giving them the training. However, when it comes to instructing the ones who are slow learners, you need to be patient. You may have to repeat things if you are to get things across to them.

Remember, their driving knowledge will depend upon how well you are at putting things across to them. Hence, if you have the habit of being impatient and losing cool at the drop of a hat, you need to get rid of it if you have aspirations of being a driving instructor in a reputed driving school in Blacktown. It will pay off.

Being an Inactive Listener….

This will NOT help in any way in your effort to be a good instructor!!! There will be a barrage of questions hurled at you. You need to be an active listener so that you can understand their questions and satisfy their queries.

Therefore, concentrating on the task you have in your hand and listening to your trainees is of utmost importance. You need to be an active listener.

Preference for short cuts

There is no short cut success. This is the thumb rule in every aspect of life. How can driving be different? You cannot inspire your trainees to love short cuts as that will hamper their probability of obtaining their license in a very serious way.

Again, if you have the habit of taking short cuts while teaching things to your trainees, you need to shun that as well. You have to be as elaborate as you can when you explain the technicalities. While this will help your students to learn the technical details properly, you will be able to justify your reputation as a trainer.

Not going out of the box

Competition in the driving training industry is immense. Thus, you need to be innovative, to sat the least. You have to go out of the box to teach unique points well beyond the scope of the driving curriculum, that will add value to the driving school in Wetherill Park, that you are the part of.

Teaching some extra bit of things will make your trainees more prepared when it comes to cracking the driving test.

So that is it. If you are to excel as a driving instructor, you need to shun these bad habits so that you can come up as an ideal driving mentor that the students will be looking forward to, to take training from.

Author's Bio: 

The author is a driving instructor that gives driving training in Blacktown, Wetherill Park. The author is also an avid blogger.