Have you heard of any machine that cuts metal and helps metalworkers build or modify something as hard as iron or similar workpiece? Yes, that’s a magnetic drill press we’re trying to let you know about. A standard drill press features some specific components, but a magnetic version consists of four basic components, such as a drill stand, a magnetic base, a chuck, and a motor. If the job you’re doing requires the uses of multiple tools, you would be happy to have a magnetic model that can be used with twist drills, reamers, counter sinks, taps, and annual cutters.

So far, we have found three different types of magnetic drill presses which are suitable for different purposes, from home projects to large construction projects. Below is a sneak peek at the types.

  • Electromagnetic drill presses are ideal for job site situations with available electricity and relatively dry work environment.
  • Pneumatic magnetic presses are ideal for hazardous and wet work environment.
  • For industrial and marine drilling project, hydraulic magnetic models are desirable.

This flexibility gives a magnetic drill press extreme versatility when it comes to a DIY job or something critical that demands precision, convenience, and strict deadline to be met. With a top-notch magnetic drill press attached with a lot of different accessories and hardware tools, you can expect to accomplish any drilling operation with ease and efficiency.

The best thing about a magnetic version is that you can receive its magnificence when you have to get access to critical locations, like truck beds, I-beams, and stationary vertical metal parts. With the magnetic base, this type securely sticks to the metal surface and ensure that the drill machine stays stabilized enough to perform the cutting operation. To be honest, a drill machine that does not have a magnetic base cannot let you perform those jobs at ease.

Still looking for serious reasons? Well, you can borrow or rent a magnetic drill press from one of your neighbors/buddies or the local store. Then, you can try the magnetic version on tough materials. Try to remember the output. Also, use another version that does not come with a magnetic base to work on a similar workpiece. Now, you can easily compare the results obtained with the two similar workpieces.

When precision matters, and you cannot ignore the value of speed, a magnetic version stands out with some of its exclusive features. A top quality magnetic model delivers another advantage that is flexibility, a great feeling desired by many construction professionals and DIY masons. Drill presses with electromagnetic bases were originally manufactured with the day-to-day needs of construction professionals who might be able to use the machines to carry out some hard jobs like working on the different unstable spots.

You can position your machine both horizontally and vertically. More practically, a machine with such features can be used in more than these two ways. The electromagnetic base is the chief property that enables the machine to work more wonderfully than many of its competitors.

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