Once you stay in Vietnam Hotels for your vacation you would possibly need some helpful advices about the things which you have to do and these that are not proper doing.


·Keep your cash, credit cards, airline tickets and other valuables in a secure place. Most of the hotels in Vietnam have safe deposit boxes, otherwise request the reception to keep your valuable objects in their deposit facility.

·Be sure that you have taken a hotel business card of the reception desk ahead of venturing out from your hotel. This may help you to find your hotel much easier.

·Dress appropriately. Not only for the prevailing weather conditions, but also to not cause offence to the local people. Vietnamese have conservative dress codes, and this is only in bigger cities that these codes are a little more relaxed. Don't wear revealing clothing.

·If invited into a home, always remove your shoes in the front door when entering.

·First ask for permission when taking a photograph of somebody. If they show that they do not want you to, then abide by their wishes. DO NOT offer money or push the issue.


·Make sure never to carry more money than you'll need when walking across the streets. Never wear also large amounts of jewelry. There are two factors for not doing this. The primary one is that it's regarded as impolite to flaunt wealth in public as well as the second one is the fact that it truly is much more likely that you may become a victim of a pickpocket.

·Never be paranoid about your safety, just be aware of your surroundings.

·Do not put on singlets, shorts, dresses or skirts, or tops with low-neck lines and bare shoulders to Temples and Pagodas. To do this is considered extremely rude and offensive.

·Don't sit with the soles of your feet pointing towards the family altar when in someone’s house.

·In no way lose your temper in public or when bargaining for a purchase. That is considered a serious loss of face for both parties.

·Never try to take photos of military installations or anything to do with the military. This could be observed as a breach of nationwide security.

·Never ever carry video cameras into the ethnic minority villages. They can be considered to be much too intrusive by the local people.

By using these advices you may be sure that you'll have excellent time in and out of your hotel in Vietnam.

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