Things to do in the on-going Self-Quarantine/Lock-down Period

Here are a few things which you can do in your home to get rid of boredom:-

1) Read a Book-
You can read the book, either it can be the fiction/novel or non-fiction depending upon your interest, you can choose the different genres as well like Suspense, Self-Help, College-Life, Love-Story, etc.
Believe by choosing the Right book of your interest will make your mood brighten.

2) Learn How to Cook
You can start learning how to cook, especially for boys who haven't tried there interest in cooking can go with this thing, not only in these quarantine period it will help you in the long run as well, For girls who already know how to cook can try different recipes.
There can be multiple scenarios in which this skill will help you like if you get job outside your town, your mom is not at home, etc.

3) Binge Watch Documentary or Stand up Specials-
We have already binged watching Television Shows, Web series & Movies in our day to day life, to do something different you can binge-watched these things, there are plenty of these shows available on Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hot star.

There are few documentaries which are available on YouTube for free, but there are no full-length stand-up specials are available on YouTube, there are just few clips available of 5-8 mins only.

Few of my personal favorites are as follow-

Documentaries -
1) Rafale: Top Secret Plane (Amazon Prime)
2) Submarines: The Invisible Weapon (Amazon Prime)
3) The roar of the Lion (Hotstar)
4) Saddam Hussien: The Truth (Youtube)

Stand-up Specials -
1) For India by Vir das (Netflix)
2) Kaksha Gyarvi by Zakir Khan (Amazon Prime)
3) HahaKaar by Gaurav Kapoor (Amazon Prime)
4) Kal mein udega by Rahul Subramaniam (Amazon Prime)

4) Have a group video call with close friends -
Yes you can do this, have a call with those friends and ask them how they are spending their time on this self-quarantine period also you can share your tasks as well which you are planning to do in this period.
If you find any of your friend's things interesting, you can add that to into your to do list.

5) Play those childhood games-
You can play those childhood games, which you can't even remember the last time when you have played those games.
You can play games like chess, ludo, business, snakes & ladders, carrom, etc, you can play these games with your siblings, parents or any other family members, by spending time on these games will definitely bring back your childhood memories back.

6) Learn a new language-
Yaa, I know learning a new language will not be sufficient enough to complete in this quarantine period, but you can extend this thing after the lockdown period as well.
It will be helpful for your brain exercise, also it will keep you creative, you can spend daily 15-20 mins on this, believe me, it is a lot funnier to hear the few pronunciation’s of words in a particular language
They are plenty of famous apps available which will help you with this; the app that I am using is available on play store - Duolingo, from which I am started learning "Spanish".

7) Meditation-
Last but most important, this is also few of those task which you can continue after lockdown period.
They are plenty of benefits of dong meditation like you will be able to concentrate more on your work, You will have good focus, you will be stress free etc. , you can Google it for more benefits.
You spend daily 15-20 mins on this, initially you can start with 5 mins as well, but it is not the overnight success thing it will take time, don't lose hope there are people who do meditation for few days and later they give up on this, believe me keep doing it properly & consistently you will definitely able to see the outcome of it.

* Hope this article will help to cure your boredom & too be creative in this self quarantine period :)
* Stay Safe, Stay Home

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