Nepal is a beautiful country where it is rich in its Himalayas, history, cultural heritage, different people with different traditions, etc. it is famous for its tourism. Every year thousands of tourists visit Nepal to explore and enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal. different activities like trekking, hiking, mountaineering, jungle safari, rafting, rock climbing, etc. are the best things that can attract the number of tourists and increase tourism in Nepal. Nepal is truly a paradise for those people who are seeking for adventure and Luxury Travel like Everest Helicopter Tour. The things or activities that can be done in Nepal supports the activities itself by the geographical variation of Nepal.

There are many places to visit and spectate which contains amazing landscapes. The birthplace of Gautama buddha lies in the southern part of Nepal where the number of tourists visit the place every year. Nepal is a country that is dependent as a source of income in tourism after agriculture. Activities like city tour, boating, cycling, etc are also the source of income for some of the Nepalese out there. The hospitality provided to the tourists not only increases the number of tourists but also makes our homeland more popular.
Adventure sports
Adventure sports are those types of sports that contain an equal amount of risks, adventures, thrill, and enjoyment. Adventure sports are getting much more famous in Nepal. One of the reasons for its fame is Nepal's natural beauty. The adventure sports like bungee jumping, paragliding, canyoning, rafting, rock climbing, etc. the famous rivers for rafting are Bhote Koshi, Sunkoshi, Trishuli, etc. as visit Nepal 2020 is coming near new bungee jumping is being constructed at Parvat, Khusma. Which is Asia's highest bungee spot!
Paragliding is most famous in Pokhara. There are other paragliding spots all over Nepal. A newly created paragliding spot is in Dharan. But mostly Pokhara is famous for paragliding. Here you are taken to the top of a hill and then you should go or ascend from hill using a parachute. Paragliding is mostly done with professionals and experts. If you are professional enough and have a license you can do it by yourself.
Canyoning refers to traveling on canyons basically on foot. There are various techniques for canyoning. Swimming, jumping, etc are other techniques used in canyoning.
Rock Climbing is the process of climbing steps of rocks. Rock climbing is done with artificial rock or natural rock. If you are really interested in rock climbing then you should start with artificial rock climbing. There are many rock climbing institutes in Kathmandu valley. If you are interested in rock climbing then you can contact any of the rock climbing centers in Kathmandu valley at an affordable cost.

Wildlife tours
Wildlife tour is one of the best things to do if you ever visit a national park, wildlife reserve or hunting reserve. There are many national parks in Nepal where many endangered species are preserved. Two national parks of Nepal has made its list to the world heritage site list. Other than national parks there are hunting reserves and wildlife reserves. Dhorpatan Hunting reserve is the only hunting reserve in Nepal. It is sort of a wildlife tour, especially for hunters. Animals like blue sheep and Himalayan Thar are the only species that can be hunted down in this reserve. You need special permission to hunt in this hunting reserve.
Koshi tappu wildlife reserve is another famous wildlife reserve for a wildlife tour. Here you can explore the number of wild buffaloes at the bank of Koshi river. Many species of birds migrate here from different places of the world during the summer season.
The main wildlife tour is mainly famous for Chitwan national park. Here you can see many endangered species like one-horned rhino, Bengal tiger, etc. during this tour. Normally this tour can be made via riding on elephants back or jeep ride.

Nepal is a country which is famous for its Himalayas. Tourists from all around the world dream to touch the Mountain Peak in Nepal which are above 8000 meters. There are many mountains in Nepal especially mount Everest (8848m). Which is the dream of every mountaineer to climb it once in a lifetime. Mountaineering is one of the most riskiest adventures. In order to climb a mountain, you should be physically fit. The mountaineer must have an experience of trekking as well as rock climbing. Trekking helps you to boost up your stamina during high altitudes. Whereas rock climbing helps you to gain techniques for climbing a rock. Mountains are generally a bulk of rocks covered in snow. There are many types of equipment that are needed to climb a mountain. Equipment like dry rope, ice axe, crampons, helmet, etc is needed for mountaineering. If you want to try and gain some wilderness experience here in Nepal ten definitely you can try mountaineering.

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