The capital city of Andorra is famous for its lofty and snow-capped mountains, health spa, historical church, skiing resort, historical sights, the Statue of Bishop, cultural values, restaurants, shopping avenues, together with the greatest Andorra hotels. Tourists from across the globe come here to see the attractions. Here is some interesting information that can help the visitors to know in detail for the accommodation in Andorra and interesting Andorra La Vella Activities.

The history of the country is attached with Roman Catholic religion and 90 percent people from the overall population are Catholics. A considerable number of Catholic remnants in the city including the Statue of the Bishop, Church of St. Stephen as well as the church of Sant Steves draw tourist’s focus towards themselves. All these religious and historical marvels are inspired by Romanesque model of architecture and therefore are excellent treat to the visitors' eyes.

Among all the Things to do in Andorra La Vella, visitors are advised to go for Casa de la Vall, the national land mark of the country. This historical piece of architecture was constructed in the 12th century and right after going into renovation on a considerable scale, the imposing building enjoys the status of to generally be the Parliament of the country. It is also called the House of the valley.

Possibly the most amazing of all the attractions in the city would be the Health Spa in Calda. You're advised to spend one full day to experience Europe’s largest warm water treatment center. The large complex is spread above an area of about 269,100 square feet. It accommodates Jacuzzi, Roman bath, therapeutic massage center, bubble bed, grape-fruit pool and warm marble slates.

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