The following are the things that one must do when it comes  to handing over your Samsung Galaxy S6 for repairs:


The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to create an essential backup of whatever important information is there in your phone. You will never like the notion of giving your phone for repair and getting it afresh with all the stored data deleted forever! The data in our phone is way too important as it has important contact information, emails, messages, documents and most importantly all your pictures that are loaded with immense memories. You will not like the idea of it being destroyed once you give in your phone for repairs. So it is advisable to create an essential backup of the entire phone data.


When you are about to hand over your Samsung Galaxy S6 for repairs in Sydney then it is important that you must essentially remove the sim cards from your phone. You never know the intentions that people have and god forbid if the sim cards fall into evil hands then they can do a lot to make your life a living hell. Also by the time the phone is getting repaired, you can totally use that sim card in some other phone and attend all important and urgent calls.


Now that you have backed up the necessary data and removed the sim cards, you will have to change some settings in your phone. The essential thing that needs to be done is to remove all the security as well as the application locks. The repair expert might have to use your phone to check its functioning so it is highly recommended to remove all types of security locks that you have applied to your device. Whether it’s a 4 digit pin or a finger pattern make sure to disable it so that you allow the repair experts to check the status of how well they have repaired your phone.


No matter how much RAM we get in our phone we are in dire need of more storage space and so we opt to use an external storage space. But when it comes to give our Samsung Galaxy S6 for repairs then you must be mindful of removing all sorts of external storage from your device. Just remove it and keep it safe so as to keep all the information intact! The external storage or the SD card might have some sensitive information that needs to be kept private so it is better that you remove it and then hand over your phone for repair.

Follow the above steps before handing over your Samsung Galaxy S6 for repairs in Sydney. You must be thoughtful and select only the reliable and trust worthy dealers and repair experts. In a market full of dishonest people it is of utmost importance to get hold of an honest as well as an experienced repair expert.

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