When it comes to organizing a successful wedding, conference or special occasion, planning and preparation are key. There are a number of important factors you need to consider while you are planning the event; venue location, catering options, entertainment, themes, equipment hire, and transportation are only a few of these. There many trusted service providers like JustFunctions venues for hire is one of the good decision.

Venue selection is one of the most important aspects of your entire event. Problems at events such as not enough venue space, inconvenient location, and poor access are only too common, so it’s important that the function venue that you choose meets all of your needs and requirements.

Take a look below at some questions you should be asking when choosing your venue:

Location – Do you want your venue to be held at a central or rural location?

Space – How many guests can your venue hold? Is there enough space for a sit-down dinner? Is there space for a dance floor?

Access – Is your venue easy for both guests and suppliers (i.e. caterers, entertainment) easy to access? Is there wheelchair access (if guests require it)?

Budget – How much is it to hire the venue? Do they offer package deals that include catering and accommodation?
These are the fundamental questions you’ll need to ask with each and every venue option that you explore. Don’t be afraid to ask more questions though! Asking questions early on will save yourself both time and potential accidents in the future (if you choose to go ahead with the venue).

Choosing the catering company

The food that is served at your event is one generally what your guests will remember the most coming out of your event. If your event doesn’t have enough food for all the guests or it simply doesn’t taste good, your guests will find it hard to remember anything else from your event. Here are a few questions that you can ask each catering company that you inquire about:

Capacity – How many guests can your catering company cater to?

Selection – What kind of food selection is available? Finger food, buffet or 3-course meals?

Dietary requirements - Are there dairy free options? Vegan options? Gluten-free options? Vegetarian options?
Cuisine – Can there be a specific cuisine of food served? Mexican, Thai, Italian etc.

One way to save you time, stress – and perhaps even money – is to choose a venue and catering package. There are dozens of options throughout Melbourne that can provide an elegant venue option as well as fine catering services.

Choosing the entertainment company

With any successful event, there is some form of entertainment to keep the guests having a good time into the late hours of the night. If you’re organizing a wedding, works do or another special occasion, your best option is to hire a local singer or band. Here’s what you need to consider before you hire any performer.

Selection - What type of music will be played? Is there a variety or a specific genre? Can guests request songs?

Payment - How is the entertainment charged? Do you pay per hour or a fixed fee for the night?

References - Can they provide any references or recommendations from past clients for your peace of mind?
And always ask to hear the band or singer play in person before you hire them! So you know exactly what you’re getting.

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