Mobile apps downloads, ads, and purchases are going to have a huge revenue of $188.9 billion by 2020. These data itself indicate that people are more attached to their mobile devices and purchasing apps. The people spent an average of 3hours 40minutes on their smartphones
Mobile users just take a few minutes to think over for downloading a specific app. Within a fraction of the time, you have to satisfy the users and make them download your app.
Launching a successful app is not that much easy, as it has to be focused carefully to attain the users. you have to plan the things before the Pre-App launch and Post App launch
While launching an app to the market you should focus on some criteria

The important Metrics to be aware of before launching an app into the market and how to check
General Metrics

The general metrics consist of the overall traffic an app gets upon being downloaded, total remarks, rate of response on social media, and the subscriber growth rate of the app itself.

User Acquisition Metrics
The daily and monthly active users on an application as well as the app’s retention and churn rate.

User Action Metrics

it is engagement on your app like click-through rates for CTA, and session held on your app.  Does your user produce active conversions on your mobile app? 
Business Metrics

How your mobile app is going to improve your business? The mobile app increases conversion rates. it will improve your product sales and avoiding 3rd parties on your marketing.

Knowing these metrics can help you launch an app on the market.

Reasons for App Failure

Even after launching an app may fail, the reason for those failures may be of the below-given factors

Failed on Researching the Market

Developers may build an app without a thorough knowledge of the product and market value of it. Here is the way successful app developers work with the thorough market value of the product.
The foremost thing a developing an app is Market research like analyzing the market value, existing competitors, pinpoints to overcome the existing app on the market, understanding the user demands, identify your target audience and how to reach your target audience.
you have to be very clear about your existing competitors on the market, and where they are lacking? , you have to bridge the gaps and overcome the competitor and your app should satisfy the customers' demands. Customer satisfaction is very important to improve your sales and reputation.
if you build an app try it launching for covering the local market and then increase the city after analyzing how your app works.

Failed on Platform Guidelines

Platform guidelines are important if you aim to provide an incredible experience to the end-users on your mobile app.
Where it is a hardware-based back button is an essential part of the android app, and it is not required in the iOS platform.
So must be taking an account on the set of devices your app is going to work on. Try with the platform you want to go with and then go for other platform-specific guidelines.
Your mobile must be reliable to work both on Android and iOs Platforms.

 Using a Duplicated idea

There are various Clone App at the market, but how long does it run? Developing a clone doesn't change your business until it bridges the gap in the existing app. To have a successful app with a clone, your app must be abolishing the bugs that exist on the market and satisfy your target audience.
If you are ready with proper business strategies to compete in the niche market, then go for launching your app on the market.

Providing an Unimpressive User Experience

Huge app fails in providing an impressive user experience on their apps. The user may access your app through various sets of devices like Android, iOS, icons, and lap, etc your app must be responsive enough to users' display. The mobile app must be reliable, efficient, and hassle-free to handle users' requests.
The app must be user friendly to all sorts of users to bid on your app, the user should not felt difficult to avail service on your app.
The loading time must very less, as smartphone users are intolerant to loading times. Review and Rating is an important factor to boom your app with direct reviews of the users about your app. It also how you instantly responding to the user's feedback and resolving the user's issues on time. This is a great idea to satisfy customers.

Inappropriate Testing Methods

Testing is a vital part of developing a successful app. If your app does not pass through the important testing process then it may result in bugs, security issues, loss of data, hacking, etc on your app.
Testing is a must to ensure Functionality, Performance, usability, loading, and security features of your app before launch.
If the app fails in testing, it has to be debugged and tested again to get bug free, secure source code of your app.
Launch Successful app 

Mobile app development bugs may cost high when you are launching a mobile app to boost your sales and service.
The app you are launching must enhance your business reputation and market value.

You must be very careful about choosing the best Mobile App Development Company, developing a mobile app for your business is a sequential process and developers should have in-depth knowledge to build a successful Mobile App for your Business.

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