Every major remodelling, renovation decision requires careful planning and consultation. You know, even when you try to fix something in your home with best intentions, it doesn't come up perfectly, if you do not consider proper planning. Solar power installation is no exception. Solar power installation is a large investment, and there are multiple factors that you have to take keep an eye on before investing the money. Consult with manufacturers as well as electrical contractors about every single aspect of solar power installation.

The installation process can be a struggle if you do not ask the right set of questions to your service provider. To keep yourself up to date about the process, check what are the things you must be considerate about before hiring solar power installation service for your resident.

  • How Much Energy Do You Need for the House?

Energy consumption is different for every domestic solar power system in Perth. Apart from the dimensions and size of the rooms, the energy consumption depends on the insulation of a particular house.

With considering these two factors, you can cut down your electricity consumption costing by alternating with solar panel installation.

  • What is the Type of the Roof?

You may feel surprised to hear how solar panel installation can be depending on the roof type. However, residential solar panel installation in Perth is possible in each type of roof. Majority of solar panels are directly attached to the roof. Metal, wood, foams roofs are the most installation-friendly option for solar panels. Generally, light colours roofs are better as it absorbs optimal sunlight and at the same time helps to keep the house cool.

  • Cost Estimation

Before hiring pro service for solar panel installation, ask the service company for documented cost estimation for the project. Every housing project is different, so is their costing. Ask the service provider, if there are any subsidies from the authority for switching to an eco-friendly option.

  • Official Permits From the Authority Need to Be Granted

Before installing solar panels, you have to grant permission from the authority for the building. If you find it difficult, ask your service provider to help you with the process.

  • Warranty Details

Generally, solar panel system installation goes a long way. But, to install a 100% warranty based secure and safe service; consult with a reputable service to protect yourself from future harassments.

If you come across any kind of malfunction, they will provide you with free servicing and maintenance.

How the solar panel will benefit your residential home?

Before you hire a professional service for solar panel installation, you need to check how it can be beneficial for your home. Evaluate and observe its benefits from every possible parameter. Once you know how effectively it can cut down the costing of your monthly electricity bill, you will be ready to invest in solar panel installation without hassling over thoughts.


Make sure the panel is installed in a way so that it can consume maximum sunlight in the day time, and restore it for the night. Keep the panel clean and free from debris and dirt.

Author's Bio: 

The author runs a business providing solar power installation services in Perth. According to the author, everyone must consider solar panel installation for residential purpose, as it is an eco-friendly choice and helps you to cut down your monthly electricity consumption.