Imagine the excitement as you spot an antique cushion, perfectly frayed around the edges offering a vintage look. What comes to your mind as soon as you bump into some antique upholstery like a cushion at some flea market? If you are a lover of richness, it’s likely that you will want to bring them home and get them reshaped and refilled, in an attempt to restore back their original glory. What you won’t notice are hidden clauses. Although the idea of reupholstering older furnishing may seem really intriguing to you, there are some hidden costs which you should be prepared for. The only thing you will require doing is to contact a renowned upholsterer who will simply reach out to any extent in order to make existing furnishings look absolutely fresh and beautiful. 

Following are considerations before you invest on a reupholstering project: 

Are you sure it’s worth investing on a particular piece? 

You have got to give it some shape! If you are headstrong about taking the decision without caring about whether or not it’s worth an investment, go ahead with your plan, but what if you want to give it a second thought? Consider the piece at first. If it has already got bad lines or has got very little to work upon, it’s going to be sheer waste of money. 

Get a glimpse of previous works by an upholsterer 

To get a fair idea about the quality of deliverance an upholsterer promises to offer, ask the professional to provide you with reference of previous clients with whom they have worked earlier. Find out what are the varieties of antique re-upholstering works the upholsterer has delivered previously? How they have handled old and antique frames that have been passed on generation after generation will tell you entirely on whether or not should hire them. A reupholstery professional in Brisbane would warmly welcome your request and show you their portfolio. 

Consider the different types of fabrics available in the market and how they behave 

It’s likely that you may be familiar with one or two types of fabrics and are only well aware of how they work with time. However the upholstery market is as vivid as your imagination with a variety of fabrics to offer. Every fabric has its unique characteristics. For instance consider, the leather chair placed in the family room and the amount of wear it has undergone already should simply not be overruled. Leather being tough by nature is ideal for furniture which usually goes into living spaces, attending hundreds of guests every year. Meanwhile, if you have a fancy for delicate silk upholstery, the sheer fragility of the fabric makes it vulnerable to wear. It may look spectacular but should seldom find a place in the family room. 

Asking the upholsterer to go through visuals

You have an idea of the kind of re-upholstering project you want the upholsterer to deliver, right?  Remember! A picture is worth thousands of words. Sometimes clients fail to exactly explain their requirements. Hence it is pertinent that your explanation is backed by solid visuals like, inspirations, images and videos. 

Also, don’t forget about the hidden costs that lay behind a reupholstery work in Gold Coast. Sometimes the furniture will gradually reveal its deplorable state, after you have agreed upon a quote from the upholsterer. This is when you will require fishing out extra money for a cost you have had rarely thought about. 

Take these few considerations into mind if you want to enliven worn out antique furniture by reupholstering them. 

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The author runs a Reupholstery company in Brisbane. Recently the author has shared important insights on reupholstering works through blogs.