To transform your normal home in Melbourne into a smart one, you need to automate the lights. They will be turned on and off as per your directions and to do that you need to install an automated light switch.

Initially, you can start with a single smart light in a room to test if everything is running as it should as this will help you to plan for more lights in your home. For that, however, you will require smart switches. So, before planning an automated light switch installation in Melbourne, you need to follow these points.

  • Bulbs, Plugs, or Switches

This is an important question that needs to be answered before you can install anything.

You will need to make sure first that you are have chosen the right type of lighting for your home. First, you need to get the appropriate lighting for your home. After that, you can think of the different smart switches in the market that you can install. But before installing, you should know that smart switches are not the only option for a smart home. There is a smart bulb that exists as well.

The smart bulbs, lets you control the lights and schedule their on and off timings. Additional features includechangingof colour.On the other hand, the smart plugis a simple solution that helps you to light up an existing lamp.This comes equipped with a light bulb and you can turn it on and off from anywhere in your home. Also, both the smart bulb and the plug have the plug-and-play installation feature.

Smart switches, on the other hand, have a combination of both of these. So, if you go for an automated light switch installation in Melbourne, you will be able to control the lights normally with the switch that you have on the wall.

The automated switch, however, has some extra benefits such as light dimming, etc. that give extra flexibility when it comes to controlling the lights. Moreover, they can be attached to existing light fixtures as well.So, the switch gives you better flexibility.

  • Search Assistant Integration

When going for a smart switch you need to choose the appropriate switch first that will be compatible with the search assistants such as Google, Amazon, or Apple. Not all switches are compatible with the search assistants. So, it is necessary to buy the one that supports any or all of these.

After installation of the switch, you can synchronise it with Alexa or Google after which you will be able to issue voice commands to turn the lights on or off, and taking the help of the search assistant you can also schedule the lights to be turned on or off automatically.

  • Compatible Bulbs

Before installing the switch,you need to ensure that it is compatible with the light bulb otherwise it can be a problem later. There are a variety of switches in the market and you will need to talk to professionals if you do not have an idea of the compatibility.

So, these are a few things that you need to consider before going for an automated light switch installation in Melbourne.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides automated light switch installation in Melbourne that integrates well with all virtual assistants.