Hair transplant procedure is a precised cosmetic surgery that can treat your baldness for lifetime. Earlier the hair loss treatments were unpredictable until the hair transplant was introduced. Hair transplant procedure has emerged as the best way to deal with the baldness.

Today, hair loss is not just the problem in elder lies but in fact even the young in their early 20s are been seen facing hair loss issue with greater prevalence. The hair loss problem is mentally challenging as it affects your quality of life and shatters your confidence.

Are you disappointed with your hair loss and looking for a sure shot solution?

Hair transplant is the answer.

Hair transplant is a restorative procedure that involves transfer of the hair roots from the donor area to the desired bald area. The donor area represents the area from where the hair roots can be harvested. The hair roots can be harvested from the areas of your body possessing the permanent or DHT resistant hair roots. The high quality hair roots are picked from the donor area carefully without causing any damage. These hair roots are then very carefully transplanted to the desired bald area. The transplantation of permanent hair roots provides the permanent results.

The hair transplant procedure can be performed by using two techniques termed as FUT and FUE hair transplant. FUT hair transplant is performed by excising a strip from the back and sides of the head and then separating each hair root from the strip. The donor area has to be sutured and the hair roots are planted at the desired bald area. On the other hand, FUE hair transplant involves individual hair root extraction from the donor area by pulling each of them with the help of a punch like device.

Recovery: You need not worry about your hectic schedule as you can definitely manage it with hair transplant. In fact, you can resume your work from the very next day. The healing might complete in 7 – 10 days after the procedure. Few of the precautions are mandatory to take for a better recovery and successful results.

Hair growth: Within 3 -4 months you can expect visible hair growth and few ingrown hairs representing hair growth. The fair hair growth can be seen in 6 months of the hair transplant procedure. Complete hair growth can be seen in one year of the hair transplant.

Things to consider before choosing hair transplant doctor in Jaipur
When talking of Jaipur, the city has been renowned for the excellent hair transplant industry. People from all around the globe prefer Jaipur in India for the hair transplant treatment. It is the years of hard work and expertise of few globally recognized surgeons who have made the city proud with the best hair transplant industry.

Hair transplant in Jaipur
is very popular for which there are plenty of clinics offering the treatment. It has to be noted that the cost of the procedure provided in the city vary as per the quality at the clinic. But overall the cost of the procedure in Jaipur is affordable.

If you are looking for the
best hair transplant doctor in Jaipur, then Dr Suneet Soni is the name you would find in the list of the best surgeons.

Let’s see few of the factors that decides the quality and expertise of the surgeon.
1. Qualification: The doctor you are choosing should be looked for their qualification. Ideally a hair transplant surgeon should be a super specialized plastic surgeon who is known to perform précised surgeries. A highly qualified surgeon assures successful results.
2. Experience: It is a factor that can’t be ignored. The experience of the surgeon should be accounted in terms of years of practise and numbers of surgeries performed by the doctor.
3. Skills: The skills can be interpreted by observing the previous work done by the surgeon. it gives an idea of the knowledge and expertise of the surgeon.
4. Artistry: If the surgeon you are choosing is expert in surgical skills and is competent with artistic sensibility then the surgeon can be trusted for the best outcomes.

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