This may sound obvious, but many vendors’ contract will only lock in the cost because that’s what is most important for them. Most important for you is explaining the job at hand. How long will they do it? What if your wedding runs late and you need your DJ to stay longer – will they? At what cost? Same for your photographer – will they stay beyond their package’s hours? What if they get sick? Will someone else be there?
Also consider their past experience, number of failed/successful weddings they have catered. Attitude of the vendor also matters.
Also lock in the services provided. Don’t just assume your DJ will provide always lock these services.

Make sure you meet every individual who is going to render services to you from DJ to the caterer have a close look at their work, see if you like their work in the first place and then respective decide if you want to stick with the same vendor or change your vendor. And make sure the vendor you meet before the wedding is the same person who appears before you on the day of your wedding. Believe it or not, this happens. With all of your vendors make sure the services you are paying for will be provided by the person you speak with and trust. It’s very typical for larger companies to have a salesman to do their consultations but ship out a contractor to do the work.

No matter who you use for what service, be it a friend or a relative’s banquet always sign proper contract. Even if that is the place you have spent half of your life in, have it in writing that for X amount of hours that sanctuary is yours..
The contract is not just for the vendor, it’s for you. No matter what, know what you are getting. Keep a binder with all of your wedding contracts so it’s easy to find when you’re trying to remember the little details.

Know and respect your budget, and respectively work along your vendor’s cost. Knowing all of this will help you avoid shocks to your pocket, which if experienced, could result in the booking of a vendor who is definitely not right for you. Remember that even if a wedding vendor’s pricing seems like a lot of money, you usually don’t have to pay it all up front and at once- unless you’re getting married very soon after booking. Payments spread out over the duration of your planning are a wonderful thing!

Your wedding date is going to be one of the most important pieces of information you need when it comes to booking your vendors, and it’s highly recommended that you know this before doing any hiring. It is usually the determining factor of whether or not a vendor will be able to work your wedding or not. However, in a rare occasion, you don’t always have to have a date chosen to book a vendor or two (like a wedding planner, or the venue, which could help determine your date). In this case, it’s a good idea to have a few possible dates in mind or at least know which season you would like to wed.

Envision your ideal wedding and what your expectations are. These expectations definitely don’t have to be set in stone, but it’s important to at least have an idea of the style or type of wedding you want- IE, a casual farm wedding, or an elegant ballroom wedding. Essentially, make sure to do your research first. Oh, and never be afraid to ask a wedding professional for their advice!

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