What to ask your insurer before getting your commercial auto insurance.

1. How many cars and driver can your commercial auto insurance cover?

Commercial auto insurance companies usually give a separate coverage types based on how many cars and drivers you need covered. The number of cars is also different with each insurance provider and it also depends on what type of cars you are going to insure. But getting this type of insurance called fleet insurance can be less expensive than getting an a commercial auto insurance for each car since they each have policies.

2. What is the definition of the policy of using your car for business?

The policy you use for personal vehicle has the exclusion for coverage for commercial uses while commercial auto insurance will establish a definition for commercial use of the car. That is why you need to make sure that your policy has everything covered for you business vehicles and discuss this with you insurance agent.

3. Who is covered by your commercial auto insurance?
A mistake that most people make is to make the main company and not the one leasing the vehicles as the owner written on commercial auto insurance policy. You need to make sure that the listed name of owner on the policy is the one who leased out the vehicles. Another thing you can ask your insurer is how you can cut costs on your commercial auto insurance. According to Commercial Auto for Small Business, you can choose to get more deductible so your annual premium won’t be that high. Just be prepared that when filing claims, you are capable of shelling out the said deductible chosen on your policy.

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