Wherever you travel, you need to know about the pace that attracts you and the things you should know what to follow. Everest base camp trek is a popular trek that many people are doing. It is an outstanding adventure mountain journey in Nepal.

Everest base camp offers a stunning view of massive Everest Himalaya, landscape, greenery, wildlife, valleys, tradition, religion, the culture of Sherpa people and much more in detail. This beautiful journey begins with a scenic mountain flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. Right after landing at Lukla, the trek leads towards Phakding passing some Sherpa village with an amazing view.

The Everest base camp trekking journey can be done in 12 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. It is 8 days average journey to the base camp with 2 extra days on the way up for altitude practice and another 3 long days trek to Lukla and fly back to Kathmandu.

There are certain things that you should follow on your Everest base camp trek. Some things may bring some accident if you don’t care and there are some cultural things that you must follow. So let’s talk here about those things.

Don’t Trek Alone

Trekking to the Everest base camp alone is not a good idea. You can find a lot of trekkers on the way during the high season and make friends so you might not have difficulties to find the trail. But those people who met on the trek, will not stay with you all the time so if you have any problem on the way. If you have a problem with altitude, there will not be anyone to help so always treks with a guide or friend.

Don’t Disturb Wild Animals

You will be walking through the Sagarmatha national park all the way to the base camp. It is a natural UNESCO world heritage site and there are lots of wild animals come closer to you. So don’t disturb them and try scaring them. Some animals are respected as the religious propose. Don’t talk about killing them as joking even.

Respect Culture And Customs

You will be trekking in a Buddhist land so you will see lots of Buddhist monuments on the way. You should walk keeping those monuments on your right. While you enter the monastery, you should not wear shorts and not allowed taking pictures. Also, you should ask the people before taking pictures of them.

Pack Your Stuff Well

You will fly to Lula with a small aircraft to start your journey. There is a weight limit on the flight so you pack those things you really need. You can take only 15kg including your hand luggage with one ticket. Snacks, things for showers and daily usages things you can buy in Namche Bazaar so don’t buy them in Kathmandu which makes your bag overloaded.

Have Basic Knowledge Of Altitude Sickness

You will be walking at high altitude so walking on the high elevation is not easy. You should have information about altitude sickness and its effect. Walk slow, drink plenty fluid, sleep well, keep warm and eat well to avoid altitude problem. Buy a good insurance policy before going to the Everest base camp trek which covers an emergency evacuation from the height of above 6000m of altitude.

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Everest base camp trek is one of the most famous trekking routes in Nepal. There are somethings that you should know before planning a trek to this place.