Dogs are extremely loyal and loving animals, they certainly deserve to be man's best friend. Anyone who has a dog in their home will perfectly understand each of the moments described in this list, and if you don't have it yet, don't miss any of them: you need to know everything.

Below are 10 things you should know about dogs.

1. Who is there?

Although not everyone, most dogs are vigilant by nature. It will probably not be the first time that at the slightest noise at the door your dog begins to bark in an exalted way wondering who must be there...

2. They don't stop kissing you

Sometimes they can be a bit persistent in their attempt to receive attention by kissing you excessively until they fill your face with sweet drool. Sometimes they can even be exceeded by sticking their tongue inside your nose or mouth.

3. Eternal puppies

Even if your dog is an adult or even elderly he will always behave like a baby, it is one of the sweetest qualities dogs have: they are very active and playful. Find the perfect type of toy for him and always encourage him to maintain this fun attitude.

4. They are a bit harassing when there is food involved

The truth is that we all know what happens when a dog hears the plastic sound of a bag of potatoes. Then they become tremendously obedient and put on a sweeter little face of sorrow … Sometimes they don't quite control their distances.

5. They do mischief when you don't see them

Dogs love us so much that when we leave they get really sad, even chewing on shoes or any other object. The most serious cases occur when they suffer from separation anxiety. Remember that you should not punish them but rather help them solve the problem through the use of active exercise.

6. They go crazy when you get home

Dogs are the ones who are most happy about your arrival home; they simply go crazy with happiness.

7. They become your shadow

The truth is that when a dog loves you, it cannot avoid not following you wherever you go: either to prepare a toast or to go to the bathroom, your dog will always be willing to follow you everywhere without exception.

8. They will love your baby as if it were theirs too

I do not know if you have ever seen what the first reaction of a dog to the arrival of a baby is like, but the truth is that dogs have a sixth sense for it and understand the delicacy of a newborn. You will discover in your dog the most patient babysitter that can exist.

9. They are the best friend one can have

Dogs are undoubtedly the best companions in life. Their loyalty, beauty, companionship, and understanding are simply the best gift we can have in this life.

10. They are always happy

A dog does not understand bad days or resentment. You can always enjoy a good day with him if you put your mind to it. They are so grateful and sweet that by adopting a dog your life will become happy and positive. Checked!

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