The social sciences have been quite tricky, if not boring, subjects to study for all classes since time immemorial. Right from standard 6th itself, students become well acquainted with the NCERT textbooks for social science subjects, be it history, civics, or geography. As students enter class 12, their preparation for the board exams relies solely on the NCERT textbooks for social science subjects. For instance, the history and political science textbooks are considered as one-stop preparation guides for the board exams.

What is it about the NCERT textbooks that make them the best for social science subjects? How are they so created to help students of all intelligences easily understand texts? We explore this and much more in the subsequent sections.

Easy to understand and simple language

The text of social science subjects can be quite tricky and intimidating for students. Luckily, the NCERT textbooks are written and curated in such a way that the language is easy to understand and simple to comprehend. They are designed in a manner where students ranging from all intelligences and having different skills in English language can easily understand the subject matter. They lay down the fundamentals of subjects like geography so well that students need not bother with any other reference book for exam preparation.

As far as history texts are concerned, they are explained lucratively while keeping the historical accuracies of text intact. History can be quite boring to study, but the NCERT textbooks do their best efforts to make it feel fun! Similar is the case with civics and political science, with all information provided to the students in a manner that is simple to comprehend.

Factual accuracy and correctness

The NCERT textbooks for social sciences, and other subjects for that matter, are curated and designed by experts in the education field. A lot of research and meticulous study goes in to writing the NCERT textbooks, and it shows in the final efforts that reach the students. Research is carried out to ensure that each and every word written in the NCERT social science textbook is correct, and no facts are twisted or blown out of proportion. These are the most unbiased books that one can find on the subjects of social science, with their factual accuracy and overall correctness reaching peak levels. No wonder students trust the NCERT textbooks more than they trust the internet!

Laying a solid foundation

The NCERT textbooks also do a wonderful job in introducing all the concepts and topics of a chapter in the most crystal clear manner. Like a skyscraper that cannot stand without a solid foundation, students cannot expect to score high in exams without having concepts and fundamentals clear. These facts are truer for practical subjects like economics, but even when it comes to history and civics, having a good grasp of the underlying principles of the subject matter certainly helps. Fun fact- the illustrations in the NCERT textbooks also assist students a great deal in achieving the aforementioned!

A range of practice questions

After every chapter in the NCERT textbooks for social science, there is a plethora of practice questions for students to test their progress. Ranging from MCQs to long answer type questions, these NCERT textbooks offer a complete and comprehensive study guide, if used correctly. Students prefer to complete the exercises given at the back of every chapter rather than go out and buy a reference book! These exercises cover each and every aspect of the chapter that has been studied by the student, and act as great performance indicators. Students can recognize their strengths and begin working on their weaknesses, as per their performance in these practice questions.

Social sciences have never been the most gripping or intense of subjects. But the NCERT textbooks try their best in making history, civics, and geography entertaining subjects to study. Simple and easy to understand language, strong fundamentals, factual accuracy, and a wide range of practice questions make the NCERT textbooks a complete study guide, be it for the school exams or the CBSE board examinations of class 12. If you are struggling with your social science subjects, look no further than the NCERT books that are kept in your bag!

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