So, you want to have a full bodymassage. You want to feel nice and relax. You want to enjoy the session to the fullest in abundance forgetting all the hurdles of the mundane world. Well, these things you know. What you don’t know is the technical part of the massage session. You just can’tsimply come out in the parlour any day and enjoy the session. There is some step by step rituals that you have to follow before actually enjoying some ‘me’ time. 

Your parlour service may have told you repetitively to avoid a few things before a massage session, but are you listening to them? Here are a few suggestions for you to make you alert to not indulge in these things before a full body massage session.

  • Don’t get tan from the Sun 

Before a full body massage, you must not go into the exposure of the sun. The sunburned bodyremains high in temperature; the muscles become more reactive which affect the massage session. 

  • Do not eat coffee right before the massage session.

According to massage therapists, before a full body massage in London, they request their clients to refrain from having any caffeinated drink. Caffeineincreases the level of dopamine in your body, making the brain more active. Once you intake coffee before a massage session, it will be hard for you to relax and feel comfortable throughout the session. 

  • Don’t do extensive exercises: 

Doing exercise makes your body more alertand brain more active. Beforea full body massages session, take at least one day rest; if not possible indulge in light core exercises.

  • Do not apply a body oil from home 

 Professionaltherapists use specially customised oil during the massage session. If you apply any lotion or body oil before the session, it makes your body sweaty and patchy.

  • Don’t eat to the fullest 

 Therapists highly give you a suggestion to not eat heavy before the massage session. When you eat excessively before a session, it makes you uncomfortable when the pressure falls on the stomach. Eat light meals.

  • Tell the parlourservice if you are taking any painkillers.

If you are under any medication, you should tell the therapistbeforethe starting of the sessionPain killers are perfectly alright, and they don’t mess up with the session. But letting the therapist know about particular is the right code of conduct. 

  • Don't take massage in half- rested body 

The purpose ofa full body massage is to enjoy the session without any hassle. When your body is fully rested, it hits the massage differently. The endocrine glands secrete happy hormones if your body is fully rested. 

  • Drink waterin moderation: 

Don’t drink too much water. You will feel pressure during the session. Drink in moderation, and it is quite okay to use toilet throughout the session, as the body let go of the toxins for which you have to go to the bathroom frequently during the session.

Each of these little habits and consideration will help you to enjoy the session more and more. Further, if you have any queries or confusion, you can ask your therapist. Also, tell them about every specification of your body. How are you feeling beforethe session as well as during the session? The therapist must know about your health’s condition for that particular time being. 

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The author wants to deliver comprehensive guidance about a full body massage session and its remedial qualities. Things that you must avoid before a massage session are mentioned for you as well.