Problems such as public liability, goods sold and malpractice claims may be something you can potentially deal with if you work with hair, makeup or any area of cosmetic treatment. This is the reason why taking all means of precaution is necessary, and to obtain protection and coverage, buying hair and beauty insurance is an essential thing to do. If you are new to this industry, and are not quite familiar with the topic, learning a few insights might come in handy. Whether you are a freelancer, are running a mobile business that revolves around this domain, you work at a beauty salon or own one, the need of liability insurance remains the same. Here are the most important things you should know on the subject, as a beauty professional:


Why do hair & beauty services need insurance?

In order to benefit from everything that an insurance policy of this kind has to offer, you should first understand why you need one. There are potential situations that can occur, in which being covered by the right insurance company, such as Salon Gold, can prevent you from being forced to quit doing what you love, or even dealing with more serious repercussions, such as bankruptcy or law suits.  

  • Public liability

Whether you are providing a mobile service, or work at your own salon, you are constantly in close contact with clients, aspect that makes public liability an essential cover for any beauty professional. Businesses in this domain are vulnerable to a wide range of accidents, from mishaps caused by chemicals, electrical equipment, scissors etc. to slips and trips, these things can happen when you least expect it. With the right public liability cover, provided by either Salon Gold, Salon Insurance Australia, or any other reputable insurance company, you will gain peace of mind knowing you are protected if you will need to deal with a claim of third party injury or accidental damage that has resulted from the activities of your business.

  • Professional indemnity

Client satisfaction is the ultimate goal in any domain, and your entire career probably revolves around this purpose. Regardless if you are offering cosmetic treatments, if you are a hairdresser or if you are a nail technician, you probably put a lot of effort and dedication into providing the best level of service quality. Because you have put a lot of hours into your passion, and you have eventually managed to climb the ladder of success, you probably do not want a single service gone wrong, or a single unsatisfied client to ruin your reputation and your business. Having a compensation claim against you can lead to stress and financial losses, so being prepared will certainly come in handy. Having hair and beauty insurance will provide you with the financial protection necessary by covering court costs, legal fees, settlements and other financial implications surrounding the legal action made against you for allegation of offering poor quality service, or for negligence.

Although your clients always come first, there are other things you will need to worry about in case of unpleasant incidents, such as equipment, stock, salon contents, building and so on. Without the right cover, a single accident can lead to financial losses that might be difficult if not impossible to recover from. A business insurance cover can include the following:

  • Business interruptions – perhaps an insurable event leads to the shutting down of your business for a few days or even longer. Profits will decrease and business management costs will increase. When insured, a salon business interruption will not cause major concerns.
  • Building – if a water, storm or fire incident occurs, the repair damage costs will fall under your responsibility if you are the owner of the building. Rebuilding and repairs can be completely covered if you have chosen the right hair and beauty insurance policy.
  • Stock and contents – The assets of your salon should be protected at all times against damage, theft or burglary. With stock cover, an inconvenience of this kind can be easily resolved.

What needs to be done before choosing an insurance provider?

After thoroughly comprehending the relevance of having insurance, the next step is choosing the right option. Because there are various offers available, provided by different insurance companies, choosing a coverage option is not something that you should take lightly. After thinking your needs carefully through, request quotes from various providers, and see which option suits your requirements and financial status best. If you select the right insurance company, such as Salon Gold, you will receive the possibility to benefit from a tailored policy, which can include exactly the covers you desire. While the insurance cover needs to be a comprehensive, qualitative one, that does not mean you will need to pay a fortune for it. There are companies that stand at your disposal with affordable packages, making things as convenient for you as possible. Just research the market, read reviews or ask for recommendations, and select an insurance provider with a great reputation in the industry, extensive offers, and reasonable prices.

  • Check Prices
  • Make sure the provider stands at your disposal with a wide range of covers – policies that can include exactly the level of protection you are interested in obtaining
  • Request references, read reviews, research the company’s reputation in the industry
  • Ask for advice in terms of best insurance policies available, if you lack sufficient expertise on the topic
  • Make sure the policy offered suits your particular beauty sector

These are the most relevant aspects you should be aware of, when it comes to hair & beauty insurance. Understanding why, as someone who works in the beauty industry, you will need to acquire the right insurance policy, as well as how to select an appropriate offer will be necessary, and can protect you against potential inconveniences. As long as you keep in mind the several details mentioned above, your career or business will not be affected due to unpredictable incidents.

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