5 Signs You Need To Go To Rehab
If you think you need drug or alcohol rehab, learn the signs. Here are 5 signs you need to go to rehab. Don't delay if this sounds like you.

One in seven people will struggle with addiction at some point in their life. Addiction can be a dangerous path, leading to risky behavior, frayed relationships, and lost jobs.
But no matter how dark things seem now, know that there is help out there. Rehab may be the perfect opportunity to get your life back on track.
Think it might be for you? Here are five signs you need to go to rehab.
1. You Can't Imagine Life Without Drugs or Alcohol
Imagine, for a moment, that you'd never tried your substance of choice. Think hard about it for a moment.
What would that life be like?
If you're having trouble picturing such a scenario, it may be a sign that you're deep in the throes of addiction.
2. Your Family and Friends Are Worried
Your loved ones may be more astute than you're giving them credit for. Even if you think you're doing a perfectly good job of hiding your addiction, they may see signs. Your behavior may have changed or you've started participating in reckless activities.
Make no mistake, the people who know you best notice these things. And more importantly, they care and want you to get better.
There's also a chance that a friend or family member has confronted you in the past about your substance use. Don't let addiction get in the way of these important relationships, look into alcohol and drug rehabilitation services.
3. Substances Have Become a Coping Mechanism
Experts believe that people are more stressed out than ever before. This is an awful trend that can affect everything from our general happiness to our quality of sleep.
What's more, it can impact the hobbies and activities we choose to participate in.
If you don't have healthy coping mechanisms, you may view drug or alcohol use as a way to escape your frustrations or pain. But make no mistake, substance abuse only makes things worse.
By seeking addiction help, you'll learn to manage with stress in productive, healthy ways that have a positive impact on your life.
4. You've Tried to Stop Before
If you're reading this, there's a chance that you've tried to quit your substance of choice before. And, if you've struggled in your sobriety, know that it's not your fault.
Addiction is a disease. It changes the chemical makeup of your brain and can affect everything from mood regulation to the pleasure you get out of everyday life.
Relapsing doesn't mean your weak. It just means that you're still struggling. And that's okay.
Rehab provides a more structured approach that tends to work better for most people.
5. Substance Use Is Affecting Your Mental Health
Mental health conditions like depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand with substance abuse. In fact, experts note that mental health conditions and substance abuse share similar underlying causes.
You deserve to be happy. That starts with living a clean, sober lifestyle and learning how to manage your mental health.
Rehab is a tough emotional experience, but it's so worth it.
Look for These Signs You Need to Go to Rehab
If you read this list of signs you need to go to rehab and resonated with one or more of them, it may be time to seek professional help. It's a scary first step, to be sure, but it's an important one.
It's never too late to change. Read this article on how you can receive free drug and alcohol treatment.

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