Tubal blocakgeis an important cause of female infertility, and it is also a difficult point that many women will face. If a woman wants to get pregnant, her body function must reach an ideal state, and her fallopian tube must be unobstructed so that the eggs and sperm can meet in the female body.

Fallopian tube blockage makes the egg and sperm can not combine normally or the fertilized egg can not move to the uterus normally, which leads to infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, active treatment is needed. The tubal blockage is mainly caused by various pathogens.

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Please do not wait for pregnancy failure to consider whether it is a problem of a fallopian tube, the emergence of these symptoms should be careful.

These red signals may indicate tubal blockage

1. Abdominal pain

If a woman has a fallopian tube blockage, she will have mainly abdominal discomfort. Most of the time, pain is the primary performance. Women's lower abdomen, if they feel different degrees of pain, are necessary to consider is healthy. There are also problems in the direction of the tubal obstruction.

This kind of pain is mainly insidious pain and accompanied by the feeling of falling and swelling, and sometimes the back of the waist will also have a sore sense. This kind of abdominal pain and other discomfort symptoms will aggravate after people exercise or physical labor and will be relieved after rest, so many women do not take this seriously.

2. Abnormal menstruation

Fallopian tubes and ovaries are adjacent, so when the fallopian tubes are blocked, it may also affect the ovarian function. In general, fallopian tube blockage will not directly lead to ovarian function damage. But, if the inflammation has expanded to the ovary, the ovary will appear abnormal, the most intuitive performance is irregular menstruation.

When you have menstruation in advance or postpone menstruation with reduced or increased bleeding, or have amenorrhoea, it is necessary to be careful, go to the hospital to have a check, so that it is more secure to treat it early.

3. Dysmenorrhea

Dysmenorrhea is something that many women will encounter, but there are also many risks, such as fallopian tube blockage is one of them. To pelvic congestion, it will lead to congestion dysmenorrhea in women, in the week before the beginning of menstruation, and women feel uncomfortable, the closer to the arrival of menstruation, the more obvious the pain.

4. Infertility

In addition, a very typical symptom of fallopian tube blockage is that women will have infertility. But in real life is often prepared for a long time, failure will go to the hospital for examination, so as to check out the fallopian tube blockage, a little put the cart before the horse.

In fact, women should not be in order to give birth to just go to the hospital for examination, on weekdays also want to do gynecological examination regularly, when found the problem can be solved in time. Not to wait until the time of pregnancy to check and treatment. It is very time-consuming and will also indirectly affect the relationship between husband and wife.

The above are a few symptoms of female fallopian tube blockage. Females shoudl pay attention to the abnormal signs of the body so that they can find the cause and solve it in time. Hope females with blocked fallopian tubes can get good news of pregnancy quickly. 

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