“These Experiences Impact Your Annual Income.”
• 1. “But Pop, I get Bored fast. Don’t say it, ‘I have a limited attention-span’. I remember. A goldfish has 9-seconds, and my generation has only 8. Tell me something I can use.”

• 2. “I’ll tell you some stuff I learned this week Online. You stop me if it’s irrelevant to your life. Just the top-5.”

• 3. “Yeah, a Chinese menu. I like options, multiple-choice & learning, if-it-doesn’t-put-me-to-sleep.”

• 4. “Why is it better for you to see yourself as the Underdog in school and at-work? Even in relationships and in making money?”

• 5. “See, that’s a loaded-question. The question tells me what to think – I learned from you, not to let people Program me. The word, ‘Better’ influences me to say being the Underdog is the right-answer.”

• 6. “Pretty smart, Kid. Would you want to know more if the Subject-Line of an email said,

• “Could You Use three (3) Shortcuts to Raise Your Annual Income about 53%?”

• 7. “Wow, do you have those shortcuts?”

• 8. “Sure, but why would a rational person give something that powerful to just anybody?” Critical-thinking, Mike. It’s a nice lie to rope you in, bait-and-switch. When it’s too good…it’s no good.”

• 9. “Bull, you got it. You wouldn’t mislead me, or your readers. I wanna know the 3-shortcuts, and I-will decide if it’s a fraud or really worthwhile for me.”

• 10. “You are really getting good. Tell me, is your SpeedReading101 background the reason for your core improvement?”

• 11. “Indirectly. The faster I read, the MORE I read because it’s not boring. The more I know and learn, the better I handle myself in school and later at work.

• “Pop, I know I am making better decisions.”

• 12. “Mike, is this a ‘loaded-question’?

“Is Using a PowerPoint in your presentation, good or bad
to convince, influence & persuade individuals or groups?”

• 13. “I’ll play along Pop, I have never been to a lecture or presentation where they did NOT use PowerPoint. So my answer is Good, even indispensable. Right or wrong?”

• 14. “98% of presentations use PowerPoint. And it’s deadly harmful to winning the hearts & minds of your audience of one or twenty-one folks”.

• 15. “This one I got to hear. PP is no good.”

• 16. “When you put PowerPoint on a screen so your audience of even a one-on-one can see it, you create a distraction (clutter) for their “Attention-Span”.

• 17. “Got it the first time. The brain does not multi-task well. Either they give their learning concentration to you,
the speaker, or to the PowerPoint slide.”

• 18. “There is only one-reason to use PP, and it’s legal.
To avoid a lawsuit from any Deaf (hearing-impaired) organization about disability discrimination at your workshops.

• Never use PP for one-to-three hearing folks. And Always tell the audience to ignore the Wizard PP, and take notes instead. Do really get it?”

• 19. “Sure Pop, PP is your competitor for the attention & comprehension of who you want to influence, right?”

• 20. “Get this one, and be a millionaire. You know that facts are dry and put you to sleep. Stories are lively dialogue and arouse curiosity.

• People remember your Stories and the point they make for LIFE. And they like you better for sharing the story.”

• 21. “Old-hat, so-what?”

• 22. “There is only one thing more powerful than a story. Don’t guess. It is telling a slightly Funny story. If you can make a Homo sapiens s-m-i-l-e or maybe chuckle, you win their friendship. They will do what you suggest forever.”

• 23. “Wow, I never thought of that. And it even works with winning girls. Wait, and in job interviews too, huh Pop?”

• 24. “What can you tell me about being “Funny”?

• 25. “Maybe next time. But here’s a hint. If YOU are the butt of the joke, people will love & remember you for the rest of their lives.

• And be influenced, persuaded & convinced You-are-the best-of-the-best. So what? Answer: Sew-buttons on your nose and see if it sticks. That’s a school-yard joke, Mike.”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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