Toll-free number maybe sounds like a sophisticated technology but there is nothing new about the basics of toll-free numbers yet the majority of the subscriber are not familiar with those basic concepts so that they end up choosing the wrong solution that does not meet their requirement. Now let’s have a quick look at some basic understanding of toll-free numbers which a business enterprise should know, but unfortunately, they don’t.
Vanity Numbers: What is a Vanity Number
In simple words, vanity numbers are the phone numbers that are used by enterprises for advertising their brand. The basic purpose of vanity numbers is to highlight the name of the company through a contact number. The three-digit prefix code represents the service provider who provides the vanity number service, the rest of the numbers is representing the name of the company or the products that the host company sells. For instance, several 1800-EAT-CHICKEN informs the customer that this is a contact/phone number that belongs to a food joint that serves chicken or specializes in chicken items.
How These Toll-free Numbers Work Actually?
Toll-free numbers working mechanism is just like the traditional landline numbers, they only differ in their costing/charging system. These numbers charged the calling party to make calls absolutely free of cost. But, the host of the toll-free number needs to pay for the incoming call charges. However, every vanity number is tracked by a central association and the subscribers need to ask the toll-free directory to get an idea about his/her required number is available or not.
Which Connection Should You Choose?
It can be seen that most of the users are preferring either new or dedicated lines for their toll-free numbers. But if they opt to convert their present landline number into a toll-free number, several drawbacks of having a new number like line distortion and connection failure can be reduced.
How Can You Get the Right Number?
Below are some quick tips for those who are looking for a toll-free number for promoting their organization and want to improve their services.
A prospect has both options of choosing one vanity number and a toll-free number for the same office. The advantage is a toll-free number is that it remains the same number with different types of location codes.
The prospect should choose only a licensed service provider. This will let him/her register his/her organization in the vanity number directory.
Always opt for a missed call solution where an organization will never miss a call from their prospects.
Advantages of an India toll-free number
1. Brand Building — Toll-free number boosts your organization’s brand identity. An organization or business having a toll-free number instantly puts the organization’s in the image of a serious business.
2. Business Connectivity — Toll-free numbers help your business to stay always connected with your customers. An 1800 number is always easy to remember for a customer of a business organization. Your customer will be able to connect with your organization, no matter where your business is located.
3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction — Toll-free number is loaded with features like IVR solution, Call Tracking, Call Transfer, On Hold Music, Call Conference, Call Forwarding, and many more. Average customer’s waiting time will be reduced with these automated features and customers will experience a more professional experience from your customer service.
4. Best Marketing tool — Toll-free technology has features like Live panel, Call report, Call Tracking, Time-Dependent routing, and many more. Those tools of toll-free numbers help a business organization to monitor its customer calls, generate insight reports of customer calls. That information helps the organization to understand customer needs.

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Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd. Microtalk communication is a tier 1 ISP in India. Microtalk is also DOT licensed approved telecom service provider in India who manage on an average 40 million calls in a month.