soldier 76 jacket These are the ironic t-shirts you hoped to have in your closet.
The new standards of luxury seated in the streetwear have positioned unexpected as new objects of desire items: socks , sweatshirts, fanny packs or shirts are garments through which consumers enter without prejudice into the universe of brands. It is no longer a bag, shoes or coat, but common pieces that take solemnity when entering a store.
The designers have responded to this fact and, in front of a piece as vacuous as a shirt, have added an added value irony about this new conception of luxury . Thus, Vetements sold advertising t-shirts like churros for 235 €, Gucci has among his offer designs as worn and painted or Nicolas Ghesquiere slipped a 'Strangers Things' shirt in his latest collection for Louis Vuitton making it the most relevant piece of it (when it was only a nod to the series).
Irony and streetwear are the keys to selling, and it seems that in these same common places are those that have used the signature Savage Flamingo to install and present their shirts and sweatshirts. Very fine jokes, satire between luxury and sportiness and winks to nostalgia could define the creative line of their pieces.
Spice Prada
the Italian firm is one of the great referents of the industry insiders. The Spice Girls, the most successful girl band of recent times. Status and nostalgia united in a single shirt and working to perfection.
Savage Flamingo Prada Spice Girls T-Shirt
The French house has positioned itself as one of the signatures of worship of the last times, being of the most reproduced each season. One of her most coveted pieces is the silk-screened camshaft with brush effect, but if we consider that another Céline (Dion) has become the absolute icon of the last week of Haute Couture in Paris, it deserves to label a few breasts.

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